New HDHomerun channels OFF BY DEFAULT

Any new Channels that HDhomerun tuners find should be marked as disabled by default (heck, have a separate color marker for them as new found but disabled). I'm losing recordings because new channels are being recognized by the tuner and Channels DVR can't deal with it.

This is not a tuner problem.

The DVR's list of favorite/disabled channels is kept in sync with the tuner itself: if you change it in the Channels DVR source list, it is immediately reflected in the tuner's lineup page; similarly, if you adjust a channels' status in the tuner's lineup via its interface, the status of those channels is reflected in the DVR's source list.

This definitely is a tuner issue. If you do not like the way that channel scans are handled by the tuner's, let the devs at SiliconDust know. Background channel scans are the bane of many users, and SD has refused to address this issue.

I considered what you wrote before posting initially, but unfortunately our logic is flawed.

Silicondust makes tuners. They can be used with many different pieces of software. Because of this, the Silicondust tuner must [by default] do the one job that it was meant to do, present the software with every tuning opportunity available, and then let the software (and ultimately the end user) decide what to do about it. Doing anything otherwise would be compromising the one and only job the tuner should be doing. This is by design at Silicondust, so I don't see them changing it, or any need for them to, unless they are interested in adding a variable that could potentially introduce confusion with numerous other pieces of software.

Furthermore, when a developer undertakes the project of designing and selling a DVR software, whose primary function is to record television, and a user indicates that the final result is a missed recording, I would think that would garner some attention, especially when it is 100% within the developers ability to fix the problem their customer has brought forward.

I would consider a workaround by selecting a different tuner where the developers may have opted to include the option, but, well, you know ...

Curious how you're losing recordings because new channels are being discovered by your tuner?

The HDhomerun finds a new channel in a town nearby, let's say the NBC affiliate for the neighboring region - not good enough to be perfectly clear all the time, but good enough to identify and try to pull in (and it might work great if the antenna were pointed towards this other town). Channels DVR decides to start using this odd channel to record all its NBC shows instead of the local NBC channel that's been working fine, but on a day when reception isn't good enough, the recordings fail, and Channels apparently does not have the logic to go find the same program on a tuner/channel that works.

There is no real notification system that flashes up on the client, or sends a message to your phone that there is a problem, so it fails until there is user intervention.

An update to the HDHR firmware earlier this year enables the device to remember the settings for each channel.

When you see the channel you don't want (distant NBC channel in your case), disable the channel on the HDHR Admin screen. If it disappears because the unit can't detect it any longer, but then reappears, it will still be disabled.

Good to know they fixed that for the OTA units. We fought for that on the Prime and they fixed it finally.

It was great update. Normally I have 98 "real" channels OTA, but every month or so they light up 10-12 new "channels" that show test videos. They disappear for a few weeks and then come back, repeat. With the HDHR update, I only have to disable them once.

The problem that this thread addresses needs to be fixed at the user end software (like it has been for a decade and a half with other software) - there is no problem at the hardware end. I've never experienced the problem that mike is talking about, nor is that problem what this thread is about.

On the other hand, if the Channels DVR software misses some recordings once in a while, oh well.