{New} HDHR Prime HDHR3-CC for sale

Status: Available (Listed on Ebay as well)

$180 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping.
(Price is firm) Cheaper on this fourm

NEW (Old stock) in SEALED Original Box

HDHR Prime CABLE CARD network CATV tuner HDHR3-CC
(sells used for ~$150+ on ebay. Only other New listing is $285)

Sent to me direct from Silicon Dust as a replacement for a older failed unit i sent in to them to test and confirm had failed.
I have the DMs from the Silicon Dust employee that states this is "new old stock".

DM me if you wish to purchase.
Payment is by PayPal. (no fee Friends Family option)

Dumped Comcast cable last month. no need for this.


If you do not know what or how a Cable Card tuner works, please do some research before you buy, to see if it will work for you.

You have to rent a Cable Card from your Cable TV provider which there is a monthly fee for.

This tuner can NOT get DRM encrypted channels. (not sure what those are, perhaps Cinemax, extra sports packages?)

This tuner can not view or use VOD or other provider "cable box" exclusive features.

What channels you receive highly depends on your provider, service area, AND the cable package you pay for. It can not get channels that u do not pay for or OTA (via Antenna) channels. This is for digital CATV only.

Updated to post new in box Prime for sale.