NEW: On Later (DVR pre-release feature)


As always, check Log tab for errors. If it’s failing checksum verification that means the downloads are getting corrupted somehow- either internet issue or local network issue.



Finally got one to load.


Finally got round to having a play with this. It’s definitely a nice idea. My ‘on tonight’ selection seems really movies heavy especially considering I hardly ever record movies. Plus I thought it seemed odd that items were appearing in there which are already set to record as I thought this tab would be focussed on suggesting new things I wasn’t already going to be watching. Keen to see this develop as it should be a good way to discover new things.


Just tried to expand one of the sections remotely with Safari on my iPhone and the + became a - but it didn’t give me more shows.


Version 2018.09.12.2037

Same comments as jmdraper.

1 of 11 “On Tonight” I have a Season Pass for. The rest are movies and I hardly ever record those.
1 of 6 “On This Week” I have a Season Pass for, the rest I have no interest in because I’ve either seen them or don’t want to.

Would still like to know (for each category) how these are selected, how Favorite channels affects it (since Favorites are used for other things) and how they’re sorted. Until then it’s pretty much a time sink for me to use it.


Just getting a first look at this tonight, but really like the initial feel of it. “Top Movies” is nice … Previously I’ve wondered how the “Upcoming Movies” are determined from the search tab since the list seem limited and didn’t know how far out it was showing you.


Some of this already seemed to be handled in the Web UI via the search tab, not a bad addition but “Upcoming Movies” and “New Shows/Seasons” has worked well for me and seems easier to navigate (on later has so much content that its a little overwhelming).

Would really like to see the “Upcoming Movies” and “New Shows” added to the app before something like this. Just a personal preference since my family never uses the “On Now” page as it is and would rather hide it if possible.


Tried again tonight to see if I got materially different results. I’d describe the On Tonight feature as having a major bug at the moment. I’m still only getting 2 TV shows that are already set to record in there and then all movies (which I practically never watch or record on Channels).


Finally, was able to update my production DVR, so that I could view this new addition.

Initial impression is favorable, as I am enjoying this new addition. My recording requirements encompass new series, movies and one-offs. This view appears to cover all.

Already picked up one new show that I missed on Search>New Shows. To me it was easier to scan the smaller icons on “On Later>New Shows>+.

Utilizing this view, most times after tapping an individual icon and then return to main screen via backpage <, as tapping search takes you back to “Search” page, I’ve had to then do a pull down to accomplish a full refresh of “On Later” (using web ui).

I will continue to monitor “On Later’’ as part of my daily process and report any problems encountered.


On Later showed me something new on Discovery Channel and I decided to record it, since I’d never heard of this Series (Discovery Off the Grid) before.

Channels DVR EPG doesn’t match Discovery EPG, Gracenote EPG or TVGuide EPG.

It appears to be shorts (1-5 min showings) of some of their shows broadcast back-back during a one hour timeframe.

Channels DVR still called it a one hour episode of “Discovery Off the Grid” up until it recorded it, but Discovery, Gracenote and TVGuide listings disagree.

Channels DVR says

Discovery Channel says

TVGuide says