NEW: Subscribe to your schedule via the iCal link

Ooooh, this is fun!

Heads up: skipped programs are still being exported as events.



Good catch!

Fixed in the latest pre-release.

The subscription fails on M1 ventura
Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 12.06.03 pm

Thanks, I see the error too. We'll work on a fix.

I use BusyCal and it’s working nicely there. Thanks for this!

Works great in Fantastical!

Besides giving you access to your recording schedule in the calendar app of your choosing what are some other uses for this feature? Is anyone using this for automations. I’m just curious and would love ideas from others who were asking for this feature.

Would it possible to add an option so that it can be accessed remotely without authentication?

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There’s plans to do this eventually, yes.

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This is a great feature thanks. Can someone please explain how to import it into Home Assistant?

Many thanks

Hey everyone, with the new API & Feeds feature shipping, the URL for iCal feeds has changed.

If you used the URL that was provided when this first shipped, it will still work for a while as it's being redirected to the new URL endpoint.

If you are using the old URL, you should replace it with the new one soon. You can read about how to generate one with the post linked above, or just go back to your schedule calendar view and copy the new URL that's provided there.

This still does not work for M1 Mac mini.

You need to manually copy the url and add it to your Calendar app. Latest versions of macOS won’t handle the url handler.

The "Copy URL to Clipboard" [DVR :: Calendar view] doesn't work for me. Nothing gets copied. And since it's JS [I guess?], I can't just hover over the icon and copy the target URL.

This was fixed in the latest pre-release:

All I had to do was complain! :grinning:

Thanks maddox

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