New to Channels DVR - How can I import local NYC channels like CBS 2, FOX 5, etc?

Any advice would be appreciated. I have access to Spectrum and Fios - Spectrum is away from home so these would not appear, but I can access some local channels via Fios TV Mobile app after I share my location - when I connect Fios to Channels TVE, a lot of the Fios channels do not appear.

Does anyone have a recommendation or working .m3u8 link I can try? Thank you very much

Have you tried enabling experimental locals at the bottom of the settings page?

This is amazing - I will try this! It worked - thank you very much

I'm in the NYC market too and the quality of their local channels with TV Everywhere is really good. Especially WCBS, which streams at 10 Mb/s and 1080p 60fps.

In case you are curious about the quality of TVE streams, check this spreadsheet that I created:

Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your reply! Would you happen to know if there is a working .m3u8 for YES or MSG? (I saw some threads about it with no clear answer). I am able to get MSG via the Spectrum or Stremium app, but that doesn't seem to have imported into channels

I'm not into sports so I have never tried to get MSG and YES.

Okay thank you

Post #3 and #10. The m3u will be specific for you tied to your cable credentials. You will have to inspect the stream while it’s playing to get the m3u. Then add to custom channel

Thank you Rice - I tried to do that but did not a single m3u to use - would you know which one to copy?
Thank you very much again. I am very new to this and greatly appreciate your help.

Right click on one of the 0.m3u8 links and copy the link address. his begins with https//:mssgo. I don’t have this network so use his examples from that thread.

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That didn't seem to work, but it is okay. Thank you for trying.

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See this post. It worked for me for Yes and MSG - MSG and YES Networks - #10 by realmad001

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That worked for MSG - thank you!