New to Channels: Requests & Thoughts!

Am I correct that with tuner sharing off, if I have 3 TV's or devices trying to watch the game on ABC and there are only 2 ATSC3 tuners on the HDHR that the 3rd device either won't be able to tune in or will be diverted back to the ATSC1 tuner?

I will have to play with the Tuner Sharing option a bit and see how it plays out. I will probably have to pick up another HDHR though so I have more than 2 ATSC3 tuners available at any given time!


Ok for me I'll have to enable it :slight_smile:

Totally! We're just not used to that kind of tight integration, I suppose. Navigating the guide on a mobile device and then tapping its screen to change the channel on the TV or to play any recording from your library there, is elegant and cool. Super convenient!

Kind of a game-changer innovation that not enough people know about, really.

This is something I expected, the day they announced tvOS. Integration between devices and platforms that "only apple could do", and 7 years later, nope. It's so sad.


Edited original post to include: "Are You Still Watching" request.

I would like this. Sometimes when I'm in the web page I'll notice that one of my tuners has been running for days on the bedroom TV which isn't used often.

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You shouldn't have to use another device to "Channel Surf". Channels DVR is a great product and is my primary TV viewing App, but how it handles surfing with PiP is not optimal; in fact, it's clunky, at least on Android TV. Getting out of PiP is the issue.

Channels uses the OS' native PiP. If you have a problem with how it works with your device, blame Google or whoever manufactured your device.

If your device comes with a remote that sends the appropriate codes, you don't need a separate device. For instance, the TiVo Stream 4K includes CH+/- buttons, and these both scroll through the guide in pages, as well as facilitate channel surfing while viewing live.

Android is such a Balkanized platform that there are no easy answers. However, Channels is using the mechanisms supplied by Google and the devices. If you don't like how they are handled, then use a device that offers more features and support for the aspects that matter.

My comment regarding another device was in response to a statement made earlier saying to just use your phone to channel surf while still having an active channel playing. That was the suggested remedy for another user's issues with channel surfing with PiP.

Google does it with YouTube TV. Plex does it, Emby does it, etc. I'm not suggesting it's easy but saying it can't be done because of your perceived limitations on Android is not accurate.

Your response is why people don't like commenting in product forums. It's actually to the developer's benefit that people comment on what they do or don't like about their product. You are defending what "You" like. Not everyone likes the same things. Their Android TV App with PiP is still in Beta, afaik. So, I'm not complaining, I'm giving feedback.

What I don't like is that I can't easily get back to the Channel I started from when browsing/surfing with PiP on. Sometimes I surf and don't find anything worth changing channels to. So, I want to just go back to the channel I was watching. In the current Beta, it takes me out of the App. Then I have to maximize the video. That's not a good experience. For me, hitting the back button a few times and eventually landing back on the channel I started from, full screen, would be fine.

Does that stop me from using the App, absolutely not. The good out weights the bad by a huge margin. So, chill out. Unless you are part of the dev team, stop telling people to go elsewhere or get another device if they don't like something.

Btw, I'm running the Channels App on a NVidia Shield TV Pro. Probably the best Android TV device out.


That was not clear, as you gave no specifics in your comment.

Using Google apps as an example is not a valid comparison, as they have OS/API access not available to third-parties. Using other media apps as examples serves no purpose unless you can explain how their use of PiP differs from Channels', and also how their use is better. My "perceived" limitations are neither accurate nor inaccurate, I was merely responding to your vague comments.

You are partially right. Not everyone likes the same things, that is true. I was not commenting about what I like about Channels on Android, because that wouldn't be true. The PiP aspect is horrible, the UX is inferior, and there are myriad "papercut" issues and inconsistencies throughout the app. This is not a situation of "you're using it wrong". This is a situation of "what you want isn't well-supported and tied to a poor system-level implementation".

No, I am not a part of the development team. And I never explicitly told anybody to go elsewhere or buy another device. However, you have hijacked this thread for your pet peeves, and I am trying to address them in a broad sense. You originally commented that you shouldn't need a separate device to channel surf, and I pointed out that was not true if you used a device with more features. You complained about PiP, and I explained that those limitations were tied to the OS.

However, there was definite subtext with my comment: You get what you pay for. Many users are complaining about poor experiences with their below-cost Android devices that are basically a vessel to sell the manufacturers' services. Quality usually requires a cost-outlay, and those who pay more initially for higher quality products usually receive a better UX. I have more than a dozen Android-based devices all purchased for <$50 from various manufacturers (including Google themselves), and they all deliver sub-par performance. If you want a quality experience, you need to be willing to pay for it. A $20 dongle from Walmart is not going to give you the same experience as a $150 Nvidia device.

As a client, that is probably true. Nvidia has always made the highest-end device with a focus on gaming. However, their recent botched releases is showing how consumer-hostile they actually are ... as if you needed more data if their video driver situation is any foundation.

In short, there are 2 things you can do:

  1. Create a detailed specific list of your issues with the app, as well as reproducible examples for bugs, to submit to the developers so that they can be assessed and addressed.
  2. Ignore me if you feel that I have nothing of any value to contribute.

Fair enough. I was not clear on what I was commenting on.

But, I don't think I "hijacked" this thread with a comment. What "pet peeves" am I pushing.

You really could have just not commented. My comments were for the Channels Team.

And I don't. I use the Siri remote that came with my AppleTV 4K and I "channel surf" daily with it. With PIP enabled. I only mentioned using the client app to navigate the guide as well, because it's a different way of approaching the same overall task, that works well with tight integration we haven't seen before in this context.

present company excluded :wink: