New Windows Firewall Warning

Updated from the 2021.10.25 formal release to a 10.29 pre-release and was greeted by a windows firewall warning with instructions on how to allow Channels DVR through the firewall.

I'm not running with remote access enabled and don't want to allow the firewall access. Everything works fine as is. Did I miss a dismiss option for the warning?

Reverted back to the 10.25 release.

Probably related to this:

You can ignore the warning. It must be showing incorrectly. If you can submit diagnostics from the prerelease I can figure out the bug and fix it.

Logs have been submitted as e4f58434-c890-41a4-b186-f78d52886ade

As an FYI....all my media devices including the DVR server are on a separate VLAN isolated from my main network.

Can you post a screenshots of the basic and advanced defender settings like in this thread: 2021.10.29.0103 - The Windows firewall is blocking incoming TCP traffic to the DVR

Sorry if I created a's the screenshots....

Thanks. Please try the latest prerelease.

.1743 still posting the warning

Hmm, may be fixed in v2021.10.29.1825 which is uploading now. If not please submit diagnostics from that build

one more screenshot

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Confirmed 2021.10.29.1854 is a fix. Thanks!