Newer to channels here,having an issue with 1 in particular

It is on my xfinity TVE; Xfinity (TVE-Comcast_SSO)



I thought I had it working when I first signed up in Mid-July, but it's been down for me for a while. Maybe I have a setting that is off, maybe I am just alerting the dev's of a broken link.

those call letters belong to a station in Albany, (and stadium is listed as one of the sub channels) I am in Metro Detroit - makes me wonder why i am being offered it in the 1st place

when i look at the channel specifically, i get the following:
bc response: 400 Bad Request

Any hints and tips are appreciated

Thank you for your time and consideration

Stadium is part of a group of free channels that don't require a cable/satellite/streaming subscription.
However, this group of free channels doesn't have its own source to import in Channels DVR and appears when you add a TV Everywhere source, such as your Xfinity subscription.

Having said that, this channel can be watched for free on their website and that's what Channels DVR imports. I just checked and it is working fine:

Stadium 24/7 - Stadium (

I just checked in Channels DVR now and it's playing fine for me.

@billmich you need to update to prerelease

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updated to "pre-release" issue appears to be resolved.

what's the difference between pre-release and stable relase?

Funny you should ask, @tmm1 just posted on that this morning.

Pre-releases are generally stable but really haven't been tested enough for the developers to call them official stable releases. Pre-releases need to be manually installed by you, the end user. Often they fix TVE issues. Sometimes there can be several pre-releases in a day, followed by no pre-releases for many days. Stable releases are auto installed when the devs are comfortable that a release meets stability expectations.