*NIB* nVidia Shield Pro 2019 & 1TB SSD Hard Drive

I purchased this combo when I thought I was having issues with my original Shield and HDD. It is brand new in box and never opened. It is even still enclosed in the sealed shipping packaging if you'd like it shipped to you that way.

I can still return it to Best Buy, but I happened to notice that the new 2019 Shields are all sold out everywhere and have been for weeks, so they must be in high demand I guess. Seeing this, I thought it would be better to try to sell them to maybe someone here who has been fruitlessly looking for one to use as either a Channels DVR Client or even better a DVR server!



I am selling the package to use as a Channels DVR server (Shield & SSD HDD) for $375, just the nVidia Shield Pro 2019 for $275 or just the Seagate 1TB Solid State USB HDD for $140. Also feel free to make your best, reasonable offer, but remember I can just return them to BB if I only want to recoup my costs.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

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