No remote access through router

My setup is working fine when I'm on my home WiFi network, but not from the outside world.

My Internet setup is complicated in that I have two routers in series. The FIOS connection comes into the FIOS router, and then to FIOS router feeds the TP-Link router. My Channels computer is connected to the TP-Link router.

The FIOS router fowards port 8089 to the TP-Link router, and the TP-Link forwards it to the Channels computer.

How should this be setup?

The FIOS router should have a DMZ setup to the tplink router.

The tplink router should should have a port forward setup to the DVR computer.

Use to verify 8089 shows as open.

TP-Link has static IP of
Channels Computer has static IP of
FIOS router is set to DMZ=
TP-Link has port forwarding of 8089 to
If I connect cell phone to TP-Link WiFi, Channels works fine.
If I connect cell phone to either FIOS router or cell network, Channels fails to connect.

Does show 8089 as open?

Yes Portchecker shows 8089 open. I think the DMZ was the trick to get it working.

However, in the process of working on this, I uninstalled Channels from my Android. It now fails to reinstall. Install blows up with failure message from the google play installer.

So I installed it on my wife's android, and it is working fine from there. I clearly have more work to do, but this issue is solved. Thanks much for your help.


I am having the same issue that I can not access Channels outside port 8089 shows open and port forwarding is turned on the redirect url does not work. Is there anything else i can try?

Try connecting to over LTE. It might not work at home due to your router

Now that I have set the DMZ on router #1 and installed the beta software on my server computer, I can:

Play from the server computer.
Play from my Fire Stick via WiFi to router #2.
Play from cell phone via 4G LTE.
Play from cell phone via WiFi to router #2.

The only thing I can't test now is WiFi from a non-home connection, but it should work like the LTE.

What more could I ask for?


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My situation is a variant of what Ken has; I have a Century Link modem/router
that pipes in 1Gbit fiber link internet( yes I know I'm one of the fortunate
out there to have fiber under my street); this CL modem/router has 4
ethernet connections that are designed to allow one to set up subnets;
I've used one of these to simply connect to my legacy Linksys Mesh router system
essentially preserving my legacy network in my home and using the CL
wireless networks for video streaming; now Channels and all my NAS storage live on the
legacy network but I cannot get to the legacy network outside my Home ( and therefore
cannot get to Channels DVR) as the CL router knows nothing about this legacy network;
a simple DMZ entry adding 10.71.XX.1 (legacy network) I doubt would work; any
ideas out there from you network experts?

A DMZ from the CL network to the linksys network is precisely what you need.

Thanx..I'm a bit unclear on this: the Cl modem/router is broadcasting
192.168.1.X thru its NAT & DHCP..the ethernet port off this router is
hard wired to my linksys mesh base has a NAT of;
if I understand you properly my DMZ setting on the CL router would be or (where Channels lives); I guess in my mind how does
the CL router even know anything about the 10.71.1XX network at the point where
you declare a DMZ? It's easy to grasp for me if i was trying to set up a subnet
off the CL router ; BTW, I do have port 8089 forwarded on the Linksys router for
Channels DVR which lives at on the legacy network

If the CI modem is giving out 192.168.1.x IPs then the linksys router should have one of those assigned and you would DMZ to that IP. That passes all incoming internet traffic from the CI model to your linksys.

What model number is the modem? Maybe you can google some guides on port forwarding for it.

I assume you have connected one of the CL ports to the WAN input on the Linksys. You NEED to do it this way.

Without you doing something to change things the DHCP server on the CL will assign an IP address to the Linksys connection. You can not allow that assignment to happen because it may assign a different address each time it connects.

First find out where the CL starts giving out IP addresses. This is typically 192.168,n.m where "n" is zero or one, and "m" is 1 or 101. The pick a high number for "m", nut less than 255. "n" needs to be the same. For example

Then go into the Linksys settings and force the WAN address to the number you have picked. The mask should be If it requires a gateway or server address, use the same IP string as above, only with a 1 as the last number.

Then go the CL router and set the DMZ to the IP you have chosen. Save all settings and power cycle both routers.


Thanx for the info , Ken; I see what you are driving at; however for reasons
to complicated to go into here I'm trying to figure a way to keep my
10.71.1XX network ALONG WITH the CL network; I'm guessing what I want is
not possible without segmenting my switch to allow for my legacy network to be
seen remotely; I'm happy that the CL modem/router is supplying internet
traffic to a foreign network but I can't access cameras my QNAP NAS or Channels
from outside and thats a bummer; I may have to bite a bullet and redesign my
network infrastructure from scratch using the Linksys routers as access points as
you describe above; I'm sure that would work but that entails a whole lot of
work with all my legacy devices

For those few who might be interested: I finally did get
remote Channels Access working with my somewhat
unconventional network setup; yes, the key item was to
include the Linksys mesh router (my legacy network) in a
DMZ on the CL router PLUS forwarding port 8089(TCP) and
5353(UDP); what threw me initially (until I looked at the CL
router routing tables was what ip the CL router was assigning the
Linksys router; I missed this initially; rebooting both routers
(as was mentioned above) was also required; somehow the magic
seems to be that the internet packets are being properly pushed to the
foreign Linksys router; this must be happening at the MAC level and
the Linksys router is handling the translation thus preserving my
original 10.71.1.XX network..thanx to all for your contributions as
I can now not only use Channels remotely but access my camera
settings and remotely manage my QNAP NAS

I get "Sorry this page you were looking for does not exit" - I do not have the Networking Skills to understand the Work around mentioned

Please email [email protected] with a screenshot of the error you're seeing