No remote access through router

My setup is working fine when I'm on my home WiFi network, but not from the outside world.

My Internet setup is complicated in that I have two routers in series. The FIOS connection comes into the FIOS router, and then to FIOS router feeds the TP-Link router. My Channels computer is connected to the TP-Link router.

The FIOS router fowards port 8089 to the TP-Link router, and the TP-Link forwards it to the Channels computer.

How should this be setup?

The FIOS router should have a DMZ setup to the tplink router.

The tplink router should should have a port forward setup to the DVR computer.

Use to verify 8089 shows as open.

TP-Link has static IP of
Channels Computer has static IP of
FIOS router is set to DMZ=
TP-Link has port forwarding of 8089 to
If I connect cell phone to TP-Link WiFi, Channels works fine.
If I connect cell phone to either FIOS router or cell network, Channels fails to connect.

Does show 8089 as open?

Yes Portchecker shows 8089 open. I think the DMZ was the trick to get it working.

However, in the process of working on this, I uninstalled Channels from my Android. It now fails to reinstall. Install blows up with failure message from the google play installer.

So I installed it on my wife's android, and it is working fine from there. I clearly have more work to do, but this issue is solved. Thanks much for your help.


I am having the same issue that I can not access Channels outside port 8089 shows open and port forwarding is turned on the redirect url does not work. Is there anything else i can try?

Try connecting to over LTE. It might not work at home due to your router