Offline Downloads

Channels for iOS now supports offline downloads. Browse your library, download your movies and TV shows to your device, and take them with you.

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Would be really nice if you brought this to Android. And all the other features iOS has that we miss out on.

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Is there a plan for bringing offline downloads to Android?


Is there an update on the progress for offline downloads on android?

I have a (possibly) silly question. Does AppleTV hardware run iOS, or does this device run a different version of the Channels client? In other words, can you download offline shows onto an AppleTV? I am looking the best solution where I can watch shows on a TV when not online in my boat. I currently use FireTV, but would get an AppleTV if It would let me download shows while docked and be able to watch them when on the water. Using a phone connected to the tv is just too clunky for me. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Apple TV storage is too small for this to be worthwhile.

Additionally tvOS, Apple TV's operating system that is based on iOS, will not let apps persist data like this. If it decides it needs to make room on the internal storage for other things, it will wipe anything that isn't settings data from other apps. So it's just not something that's possible.