Older Recordings Can't Connect

I had to reinstall Channels software on my Mac after a boot-up hard drive failure. My Channels content resides on a different external hard drive. New recordings work fine, but if I attempt to view older recorded content from before the hard drive crash, the content shows up in the DVR library but it won't play (says unable to connect, or something like that). I see the old content folders (TV, Movies, etc) are in a higher-level folder called Channels, whereas newer recording files are at top level of folders also called TV, Movies, etc. Should I just copy the old files into the newer folders or is there a process for "importing" the old content? What's the best solution so it all works as a single library or recordings?

Check the dvr log to see where it's trying to find those recordings

You can add that location under additional storage settings

I don't know what I've done now. I somehow deleted the DVR setup that I had (not the recorded content but the structure of what I had). In trying to figure out what to do, I created a new "DVR" folder in my external hard drive where the content already resides. Now nothing works. I don't understand the structure of this thing. How can I just start over and import all my recorded data so that I can just view it and continue to add new recordings. I have more than 3 Terabytes of recordings on this 12 TB hard drive but I've messed it up.

When I tried to import content, I got this message (no idea what this means): says Local Content directory must be separate from the configured Channels DVR storage directory.

See similar issue on Recordings database "Missing/Deleted" files - #5 by lance.sollid

Ah, thank you so very much. After reviewing the similar issue you suggested, I figured out how to just add the "Storage Path" to my older content, and it looks like they connect and play back correctly now. I appreciate the help.

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