PIP option gone

So I updated Channels to the latest version on my Apple TV 4K yesterday.

Even tried out the new PIP feature, and it worked.

But now the little icon doesn't come up on the timeline at all.

I toggled the PIP meeting on and off, and still nothing.

It's just gone. If I lightly tap on the pad, it should come up with the timeline, right?

It doesn't it's gone.

Try restarting the app: click TV/Home twice and swipe up.

Actually that didn't work but restarting the whole Apple TV worked. But thanks, you guys are so great about responding SO quickly. Makes the $80 annual fee I spent SO worth it.

Question, what is the purpose of the audio "tick tock tick tock" that plays once I select the PIP option, and plays until I hit menu and choose the other app I want to use?

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What kind of speakers are you using?

Paired HomePods.

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This is a bug and has been fixed in the latest TestFlight beta.

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@tmm1, was the fix for this on the server side as well? The reason I ask is I am not running the TestFlight app and I noticed PIP is working as of last night. In fact, I don’t even have the TestFlight app installed right now.

I did some testing this morning and it is working for both normal and AC-4 audio. Note: I am using the default audio driver as well.

No the only thing that changed was TestFlight

I've noticed that PiP missing from both the TestFlight version and the Main App Store version now, I was just using it the day before yesterday, now there is no sign of it.

EDIT: I just checked and somehow it got turned back off in the Channels app settings. You might check app updates and ensure they respect current settings when updating, as this setting was definitely on and in use prior to disappearing. Renabled it and it is back to working.