Playback Failed (-17) only with Spectrum TVE

I added a new 10TB external drive to my NAS to use for Channels DVR recordings and program data storage. I'm pretty sure all the shares are set properly but for some reason, only on Spectrum TVE channels I get the error message above. Channels using the HDHR air fine with no problems on both FireTV and on the Windows 11 PC I use for administration on the NAS. I copied part of the log file I'll post below if anyone can help me with fixing this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. I've worked on it for a few hours and can't seem to figure it out.

2022/07/28 20:55:25.192119 [DVR] Starting job 1659052770-246 Press Your Luck on ch=[6001 9.1]
2022/07/28 20:55:25.192330 [DVR] Waiting 3m34.807679889s until next job 1659056340-274 Big Brother
2022/07/28 20:55:25.212321 [ERR] Error during stream TVE-Spectrum ch6052 USA: Failed to download file:*~data=hdntl~hmac=e8196be756740a5b2ff7554f6369d9ee5d9ac63eecca8e1fc3e80ad94e0f62ce/Content/HLS/Live/channel(usa-east-y)/20220617T214904-06-276513708.ts: stat /share/ChannelsDVR (My Name Here)@1.###.###.#.##)/Cable/Streaming/channels-cache-2055205510/276513708-af055a098a4e68117cd9a04ceec9b13876bce3c4e9f44a8a97dff0eca4e660f6: stale NFS file handle
2022/07/28 20:55:25.779898 [TVE] stream timestamps: abc: start_at=2022-07-28T20:54:25-04:00 current_at=2022-07-28T20:54:46-04:00 end_at=2022-07-28T20:54:54-04:00
2022/07/28 20:55:25.780051 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Spectrum for ch6001 WFTV
2022/07/28 20:55:25.784017 [DVR] Recording for job 1659052770-246 from TVE-Spectrum ch6001 into "TV/Press Your Luck/Press Your Luck S04E03 The Polar Bear 2022-07-28-1959.mpg" for 5m34.807646094s
2022/07/28 20:55:25.790797 [DVR] Starting job 1659052770-58 Southern Charm on ch=[6058]
2022/07/28 20:55:25.790948 [DVR] Waiting 3m34.209055812s until next job 1659056340-274 Big Brother
2022/07/28 20:55:25.827546 [ERR] Error during stream TVE-Spectrum ch6001 WFTV: Failed to download file: stat /share/ChannelsDVR (My Name [email protected]##.###.#.##)/Cable/Streaming/channels-cache-1229624457/5-f09b65b02d101028a015232a2b39c0e2b53c7fd4bdccd1ad3d8198812d70d144: stale NFS file handle
2022/07/28 20:55:26.028684 [MTS] Statistics for "TV/Chrisley Knows Best/Chrisley Knows Best S09E00 Best in Shoe Supersized 2022-07-28-2028.mpg": skipped=0 unhandled_packets=0 discontinuity_detected=0 transport_errors=0 invalid_pts=0 invalid_dts=0 saw_pcr=false saw_pmt=false highest_pts=0.000000
2022/07/28 20:55:26.159087 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Spectrum for ch6052 USA
2022/07/28 20:55:26.159905 [DVR] Job 1659054510-50 Chrisley Knows Best ended prematurely: 5m33.840103024s
2022/07/28 20:55:26.209615 [MTS] Statistics for "TV/Press Your Luck/Press Your Luck S04E03 The Polar Bear 2022-07-28-1959.mpg": skipped=0 unhandled_packets=0 discontinuity_detected=0 transport_errors=0 invalid_pts=0 invalid_dts=0 saw_pcr=false saw_pmt=false highest_pts=0.000000
2022/07/28 20:55:26.333121 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Spectrum for ch6001 WFTV
2022/07/28 20:55:26.334008 [DVR] Job 1659052770-246 Press Your Luck ended prematurely: 5m33.66602481s
2022/07/28 20:55:26.340074 [TVE] stream timestamps: bravo: start_at=2022-07-28T20:54:01-04:00 current_at=2022-07-28T20:54:37-04:00 end_at=2022-07-28T20:54:49-04:00
2022/07/28 20:55:26.340188 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Spectrum for ch6058 BRAVO
2022/07/28 20:55:26.342653 [DVR] Recording for job 1659052770-58 from TVE-Spectrum ch6058 into "TV/Southern Charm/Southern Charm S08E00 Never Before Scene 805 2022-07-28-1959.mpg" for 5m34.209029388s
2022/07/28 20:55:26.347347 [ERR] Error during stream TVE-Spectrum ch6058 BRAVO: Failed to download file:*~data=hdntl~hmac=2c66f4e15f073cc6680daba493484b6934348a48d8deb8dd10871aacb784cc74/Content/HLS/Live/channel(bravo-east-x)/20220518T093705-06-276516821.ts: stat /share/ChannelsDVR (My [email protected]##.###.#.##)/Cable/Streaming/channels-cache-3657674556/276516821-a2e1411c4015c654b19316d5e557906e2587aa2d01f796f4d03d9aac810d4a02: stale NFS file handle
2022/07/28 20:55:26.394428 [DVR] Starting job 1659054510-50 Chrisley Knows Best on ch=[6052]
2022/07/28 20:55:26.394505 [DVR] Waiting 3m33.605499632s until next job 1659056340-274 Big Brother

Sounds like a permissions or access issue. Have you properly mapped everything (idmapd), or otherwise set the proper UID/GID upon mount? If you SSH in, can you traverse the directory?

(Also, while it usually does tend to work, network mounts for DVRs are in general a bad idea. While not explicitly an unsupported configuration, using a network mount for your DVR should be considered "unsupported"; that's a whole additional level of support that can wildly vary, and is usually beyond the scope of Channels.)

Problem with your NFS setup. We don't recommend recording to network shares

If you are not absolutely certain, perhaps you should get that issue settled first. Once you are 100% certain your mounts/permissions are proper, then you can look at Channels as an issue ...

Wow, pretty terse response. I'm kind of surprised to be honest with you because prior interactions here have been helpful and professionally handled even if it was an error on my part. I'm a 62-year-old man learning as I go along about Unix, NAS servers and the interaction with entertainment programs I use and a big part of that is getting help from companies I pay for their service. I couldn't imagine Hulu or Netflix giving a similar response. I WAS NOT blaming channels for anything as eluded in your reply, just looking for a little help after reviewing the logs.

The problem is fixed. The share was on a second NAS unit and not the one running Channels. Even though the folder was shared, and visible through Windows networking and through Channels interface, it was that it wasn't a direct share on the server running the program. I moved the USB 3.2 10TB external drive to the same QNAP NAS and everything works again.

Thanks tmm1 I have the problem resolved. It was the external drive was shared on a second NAS unit, not the one running Channels DVR. Once I moved it to the unit where the program runs, it all works fine. I've run Channels on my NAS with an external drive for several years, so I was pretty sure it wasn't that it was an external drive. My earlier response was to racameron's reply which I felt was a bit terse. I was just looking for another set of eyes to look and see where I might have a problem and wasn't placing blame on Channels as being the issue.