Playback speed controls?

it'd be nice if it let us adjust the playback speed.

They really speed up shows? I never knew that. Learn something new every day.

This isn’t something on our radar right now, but it’s helpful hearing some of these use cases. Thanks for sharing it.

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+1. Adjusting a DVRd shows playback would be great (like TiVo’s quick mode). Using Chrome there is a plug-in that allows adjusting playback speed and it works great with Channels DVR. Would love to have it built into the Apple TV app though.

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What plug-in are you taking about that can adjust playback speed?

This has been added in the latest tvOS/iOS beta.

The optional speeds are:

  • 0.5x
  • 0.75x
  • 1x
  • 1.25x
  • 1.5x
  • 1.75x
  • 2x

Thanks for adding this! Ummm, how do you use it? I’m on the newest Apple TV 4K. I can’t find any playback speed options. Thanks!

The option is available in the beta app and you can find it in the pull down options menu. The key that I learned is that it doesn't work on live or currently recording programs. (This worked on every recording I had except one recent MLB Baseball recording, i haven't figured out why it didn't work for that one recording yet.) You can stop a recording by going to the Schedule tab in the app.

Ok thanks. I don’t have the beta app, I’ll wait for it to show up in the regular release.

A default Playback Speed for each show was just added in the latest DVR pre-release and tvOS/iOS beta. Be sure you fetch both of them (tvOS/iOS is going up now). Playback Speed is now an option for shows. Set the playback speed there, and each recording for that show will start with the set playback speed.


Eagerly, tried this on android, didn't work, then I read 'tiOS/iOS' doh!
Any word on release for the Android client to respect the startup speed set for a show at the server?

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Try this out:


Thanks, away from home till next week, looking forward to this feature.

Back and it's working! - thanks.

Any chance we can get more speeds or a custom speed option, I often watch things on 2.5-3x so the current cap of 2x isn't fast enough, often have to watch my recordings outside of Channels because the speed isn't enough for some shows that are just really slow.