Pluto Closed Captions

Thanks for providing more context. My knowledge in this area is pretty limited and I made some assumptions that I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry if I was out of line.

Is there anything that I and/or others can do to support getting this feature implemented?

I have a very basic implementation available for testing. It may be buggy.

You will need the DVR server prerelease and the latest beta of the Channels app. With this combination, you should see subtitles on Pluto channels where they are available. New recordings from these Pluto channels will also include the subtitle data.

I dunno if this is related to subtitle/cc update, but ever since I loaded 2022.08.02.0430 this morning, many of my Pluto channels are showing video that is slowing/pausing and then rapid catching up all the while the audio remains consistent. This is happening on AppleTV 4k beta (8.2.438) and stable (5.4.1). The CC looks mostly fine, but sometimes choppy. The main issue is the video disruption. Diagnostics have been sent from the AppleTV client and the server.

Edit/Update: Also happening on FireTV 4.3.0. Also happening on some Plex custom channels.

@Absenm Thanks, yes it was due to my changes. I reverted them in the next build, but I think have made some improvements now. With upcoming v2022.08.03.0007 subtitle support has been re-added and hopefully doesn't have the same video stuttering problems.

Please try it out and let me know how it works out for you.

I'm still seeing the stuttering issue on Android mobile on the latest server pre-release and beta app while watching Pluto TV. I submitted player diagnostics twice a few minutes ago: once on hardware video decoder, once on software (same issue both times).

Stuttering and Pausing when captions are on... Also sometimes that whole screen gets covered with Captions. Lipsync issues.

They repeat like below and sometimes fill whole screen

Okay thanks reverting again


Just curious if you’ve had any more luck with this or if it’s just technically impossible

The few hours the experiment was operational it showed a lot of promise. I hope that it is still being worked on and that some day sooner than later we will finally have CC available on Pluto and other similarly affected Custom Channels sources. It was so disappointing when it got pulled so quickly. I completely understand why it got pulled, but was hoping that it would be tried again. Would be happy to alpha test (if that were a thing, lol).


Damn, I was reading this thread last week and then I couldn't find it when I posted over in the "Pluto Holiday Channels added" thread.

Anyhow, here's my tidbit from there that I really meant to post here: Pluto Holiday Channels added - #15 by jkr4m3r

It may be a good time to inquire as to if there has been any further development in making CC for Pluto happen. There have been changes to Channels and the clients over the past few months which I believe may be positive in implementing this feature (as referenced in a question I asked not to long ago).

@eric @tmm1 is making this work possible now with the experimental rewriter or any other changes?


Has there been anymore progress on getting this to work. I have been despratelty trying to get CC working on Pluto. Lately I have been experimenting with the HDMI for Channels to try to pull in channels from the Pluto app with unimpressive results getting some OSD that wont go away and getting the channels tuned in. I have also dabbled with the BETA: Chrome Capture for Channels which is too experimental to work with Pluto (but its less than a day old so keeping my flingers crossed).

Would love to see this working in ChannelsDVR tried and true Pluto methods.

Channels newbie/non-technie here. I just implemented the Pluto channels nocords solution and it's amazing. Couldn't figure out how to turn on CC so came to see what I was doing wrong, and--there is no CC! Unfortunately, with hearing issues here it's a must. With TVE gradually/suddenly going away, the huge variety of Pluto channels would've gone a long way toward mitigating its loss. But when something seems too good to be true it often is. Whether it's a matter of resources/time or a complete impossibility IDK, but I'd still like to add a belated vote to the search for a solution. Thanks.

A few of the Pluto channels do have closed captions, but yeah it sucks. Here’s a list I put together of sources that have captions. Some of the Pluto channels are on these other services that have captions. Worth trying out :slight_smile:

As I recall, they work fine on the Pluto app.

Thanks for linking your list--what a great resource! Will check it out. I see that Pluto direct does have CC. But there's a world of difference between suffering thru tons of non-skippable ads and a chaotic interface vs the ability to organize and record from the fantastic Channels guide. It's a premium solution but missing one crucial element. On the other hand, Channels implementation of TVE with CC is fantastic. With the channel list shrinking, the hope is there will soon be alternatives that include standard CC support.

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I did some searching, can't find the post, but some months back a user posted here about a solution they cobbled together with some 3rd party voice recognition / AI tools that could generate closed captions on-the-fly for content that didn't have them natively available in Channels DVR. I though that was pretty cool!


Sorry I didn't follow this up in this thread, but I did manage to get Pluto with CC working through the ADBTuner route. Of course that is a fairly big project just to get CC, but since I already was using ADBTuner for other things, it turned out great for my Pluto CC problems. As far as the OSD problem I was having, it was related to an optimization issue that not everyone would encounter. The solution to that is below.

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By chance, have you ever tried it with Chrome Capture? I am curious if Puppeteer passes along caption data in a format Channels can ingest. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to run on my server.