Pluto Guide info not updating

My Virtual Channels are already-recorded material, not understanding how the Pluto listings would apply there?

I’m on Android TV, Win10 server.

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The issue is with guide data, the info showing in the guide is either missing (Pluto TV) or incorrect (Virtual Channels) and this issue only seems to be an issue on Apple TV.

Hmm, mine are working fine. Have you tried deleting and recreating your database, under Maintenance on the CDVR Server's web UI?

Yeah, the thing is the Web version shows the correct's just what is displayed on the Apple TV. If I force close the Channels Apple TV app and re-open, everything displays correctly.....for like a day or so.

Out of curiosity, do you put your Apple TV to sleep or just leave it on all the time. I wonder if it has something to do with that?

The rest of the guide updates though. It's just Pluto that doesn't for me.

Pluto is only 8hr? or so guide data.
You have to force a refresh of the Guide in the app by fully closing it and re-opening it.
And have it set in the server to refresh every 1hr. (wish you could set this to be every 30 min.)

It’s odd that I’ve never had to do that for the other channels. Maybe they download enough in advance that the app just happens to restart before the data runs out. I’m usually only looking at the guide data from the same day.

Occasionally I housekeep and delete Pluto from my sources and re-add to get the listings grid order more manageable (for me) in a quick-n-dirty way. I'll do that this weekend and see how it could possibly affect my virtual channels, which are mostly stuff recorded from Pluto.

Just not understanding how this could affect already recorded media.

For virtual channels, can you compare to the web guide. Is every single channel wrong or only some of them? For the ones which are wrong, what Sort setting are they using? Are they set up with Smart Rules?

I deleted Pluto, no changes to the virtual channels listings as I suspected. I also waited a couple of hours after re-adding, purposely running the VPN on the server so the Pluto fetches would fail, which they did.

Still no loss of info for my virtual channels. The way I use virtual channels, the Pluto listings make zero difference, as I mentioned previously. Not sure why it's affecting @swindmiller.

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The web guide always shows correctly. I have 4 virtual channels, 3 are Smart Rules and one is Sitcoms added and running Mini Marathon (no Smart Rule) and they all seem to have the issue at the same time. When I have the issue, usually after a resume from sleep, I will notice the Pluto Guide data is showing generic data (like just the category of the channel and at that same time I check a Virtual channel and what it showing on the guide is not what plays when I click on it. If I check the Web Guide, everything shows correctly. When I force close Channels app and reopen, everything shows correctly.

@jkr4m3r, Its not recorded content. Its Movies and TV shows I have imported from Emby that make up my Virtual Channels content. It's not messing with the content, it's just that the guide shows the wrong Show/Movies that is currently playing in that time slot, like I said, the Web Guide shows fine. I don't think this has anything to do with the Pluto guide data being generated from the separate docker app, I think its simply that the Apple TV guide in the Channels app is not auto-updating after a certain amount of time or after a sleep. It seems that this impacts the Pluto TV guide data and the Virtual Channels guide data being show at the same time. Not that one is related to the other, just that the problem shows at the same time.

This also seems to be only an Apple TV problem and from what you said above, you are not running an Apple said Android TV so you may not see this problem.