Pluto M3U playlist/EPG source without running your own docker container

This is a small project I've worked on to provide the Playlist and EPG for Pluto TV if you don't want to run your own docker container.

Tools used:
Static website generator: Jekyll
DNS services: Cloudflare
Domain registrar: Porkbun
Proxy: Nginx Proxy Manager
Editor: Visual Studio Code
SSL Certificates: Let's Encrypt
Operating system: CentOS 7
Hardware: Oracle Free tier VM

Uptime should be 24X7 since Oracle is hosting the VM.

But keep in mind there is no guarantee and is subject to termination or domain name change, etc.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Here is the site:

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Were you aware of Hank's ?

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Just trying to give back to the community. But no disrespect meant.

No worries! I'll remove my post. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

No need to remove your post! It's all good.

It is always good to have options. Thanks for your work.

Plus multiple options can help with troubleshooting. I think most of us have been in the whole “well if it doesn’t work here maybe it works over there” situation.

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Updated the home page. This doesn't affect the Playlist or EPG files.

I mainly wanted to make some changes for some clarifications and to test my Git automation for updating the site.

Re-did site to use Hugo!

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Decided to purchase a domain name that made more sense.

Same site, but name has changed.

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