Premium TV Micro Pauses


Which channels and east coast or west coast?


Fox News, HLN, and Paramount channels this evening. If I had to pick the one it happens most on it would be Fox News. I am in the Houston area. AT&T Fiber internet and all of the Apple TVs and NAS wired. It’s not the end of the world but sometimes gets to be irritating. When this happens the timeline bar pops up and it is usually just a little blip. Tonight on Fox it was one after another and the pauses were up to a couple of seconds.


Running the released client and, while the situation is much improved, they do still happen 1-2x per hour. So, definitely not fixed, but improved.

Most often I see them within the first minute of starting a stream and sometime around a quarter past or a quarter to an hour. Unfortunately, it's not exactly a quarter to or past just near (ie; 2-7 minutes). Generally, I do not see them at the top or bottom of an hour. This observation doesn't make sense but it does seem to be pretty consistent.