Prime Cable Channels Not Appearing Properly in Guide, TVE Channels Fine

Hi, Love Channels DVR! My problem is this: TVE Channels appear properly in the guide with timeslots and "Channel Art" meaning the Icon of the Channel. I did a scan for HDHomerun Prime channels and found 360+ Channels. When I select Favorites (non DRM) for the set of Prime Cable channels, the channel number shows on the guide, but no time slot data (meaning straight row across the channel with no slots to show what's on at 8PM PM, etc., and no "Channel Art". When I click on the Prime Cable channel itself, audio and video are fine. What am I doing wrong? Again, the TVE channels look perfect on the guide.

Settings tab of the app change the priority to make your PRIME the first

I adjusted the priority to make HDHomeRun Prime channels 1st priority and TVE channels below that (2nd). No change to my guide issue.

Okay sorry I misunderstood. The guide data comes from the DVR server. Does the DVR web UI should guide data for those channels? Is guide data assigned underneath the HDHR correctly? You can try reloading the guide data from the maintenance dropdown.

I tried Deleting and Recreating the Guide Database, then I re-downloaded the entire guide. One of the Prime Cable Channels (Discovery Channel) is now showing guide data in the web UI. NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, PIX, and ESPNH, however, don't show guide data. Some more background. I setup the NAS Friday at 8PM, then installed Channels DVR later Friday night. I did not have the Prime Cablecard tuner hooked up at that time, so when I first started the Channels DVR Up, I did so only with TVE channels, and everything worked great. Then today (Saturday) after wrestling with the cable company (Optimum) for 5 hours waiting on hold and working with techs who struggled to get CableCard working, we finally got the Cable Card working in HDHomerun Prime. Video and Audio work fine, just can't get all the non DRM Cable Favorites to show guide data.

Okay I see. If you click Scan Network on the dvr web UI, is the numbers of channels listed correct?

If the guide data appears on the web now, restart the app on your TV

Actually I just noticed that the non-HD channels look fine in the guide. Timeslot info (what's on and at what time) as well as the channel logo look for for non-HD channels. The Cable guide data problem is only on the HD Cablecard channels.

And I tried "Scan Network" on the DVR web UI. Number of channels looks correct. Still no guide data for HD Prime Cablecard channels.

Should I just un-install Channels DVR software and re-install back onto my Synology NAS? Happy to try that if you can offer some safety tips. I don't care if I destroy any recordings.

Best bet is to delete the Prime tuner device from the Channels DVR web UI using the trash can

Then re-add it
Make sure your NAS and your HDHR Prime have static/reserved IP addresses so they don't change.
After it scans and finds the channels and loads the guide, mark your favorites and hide channels you don't want in the Channels DVR web UI.

Then re-install the client apps as some apps only sync favorite channels when they're first loaded.

Deleting Prime tuner using trash can, then re-adding worked! Thanks.

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