Proper method to get imported TV news clip in TV section

I have a very brief TV news clip that I want to have appear in the TV section. I downloaded a video from a TV station's website (my daughter and I were interviewed by a local TV station while on a trip, and were on their news program, and she thinks it's cool to be in the Channels "TV" section as opposed to the Video section).

Method 1: When I put the downloaded video in my library under "TV>Newswatch 16 at 6 PM>s01e01.mp4, the show appears in the TV library (on the clients, and in the Manage section of the server), but with no episode art and just shows up as "s01e01" with the purple background and no other identifying info.

Method 2: If I put the video in my library as "TV>Newswatch 16 at 6 PM>Elk Mountain hoping for good holiday weekend" it shows up in the "Manage" section of the server, but not anywhere under the TV section in the clients, unless I drill down into the "News" section (the feature that was added fairly recently). This image is what I get on the server, but nothing shows up in the client (except in the News section):

I've tried both of the above methods after force quitting the client apps and restarting them. I've tried editing metadata and fixing incorrect match, with no luck.

Is there a way to either manually tweak the title and art in Method 1, or get the video to show up on the server with Method 2? Hopefully all the above makes sense. If what I want is not possible, I'll just put in the Video section.

You can change the metadata for both the series and the episode:

You can also change the image used for the series:

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Thank you. I was looking in the "Manage" section, and if the ability to edit both series and episode metadata is there, I couldn't find it, but I did find it in my library. So I've renamed the episode using the convention of "title - s01e01" in a folder with the show name, and it now shows on some clients (Apple TV and M1 MacBook) but not others (iPhone and iPad Pro), even after a force quit to reload on those clients. It's probably user error, with some setting off somewhere, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

As you noted, Manage Shows only allows for editing the episodes.
If you click on an episode Title there, it takes you to Library TV Shows.

Thanks. Yes, I edited it from the library, but for some reason it only appears on some client devices unless I go to the new News section.

I don't use it, but recall they came out with something specifically for News and Sports.
Think there was a server side setting for it. Apple clients only I think.

So I think I figured this out. I assumed I had the "News" setting toggled on for all devices, but that wasn't the case. I found that if I toggle it on, the news show in question ONLY shows up in the News section in the library and not in "All Shows." Once I turn off the "News" option in Settings > Library > News Sectiion, then the show appears in "All Shows." Is this expected behavior (to have a news show only show up in the News section of the library when that section is enabled)? I guess I had this in my head like some of my channel collections in the guide, where I can have a channel in a category, but also in "all channels."


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I made the same incorrect assumption awhile back: "Meet the Press" recordings not showing in "Up Next" or "Recently Updated TV Shows" - #8 by Fofer

You should be able to edit the metadata for your recorded clip and remove the “news” tag so it’s no longer in, and exclusive to, to that section.

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