Provider - AT&T U-verse

Does it work on in chrome incognito

I'm getting the same error message when I sign-in on when connected to my home AT&T Fiber connection (which is a separate account/subscription from the U-verse subscription.)

The U-verse logon works for when I connect through a cellular connection on my mobile device.

Sounds like an auto authentication issue. Nothing we can do about it. You can try contacting ATT support.

Actually, I was able to get it to work. The issue does seem to be related to auto-authentication. When presented with the following screen, I had to click the "Not you? Use a different ID" link.

After putting my logon info into the next screen,

I was able to authenticate.

@tmm1 Is there any chance Channels TVE can be updated to work with the "use different ID" sign-in screen to bypass AT&T auto-authentication?

I agree with this. Unfortunately I can't add my U-Verse credentials due to this issue

I think I've discovered the solution for ATT U-Verse. If the PC that Channels is installed on is connected to the internet through ATT, U-verse will automatically try to authenticate the login based on your network. If you use a different network connection that is not ATT (such as a hotspot from your phone) it will authenticate just fine.