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I just noticed NickJr Chan now on there. Wasn't before. Recent change?
Wonder if the other Nick chans may come to TVE sometime.
Also, would really like to see Discovery Family.

(Philo in of is self has almost all the channels in its app that I care about, save for the Disney ones, The Weather channel, and Nat Geo Wild.)

Does anyone know if there is a way that Philo users can request TVE service for the Philo channels that are not included in TVE? It may not make any difference, but it's at least worth a try? Fortunately, most of the Philo channels I care about are included in TVE, but not all of them. I'd like to see even more support for TVE service if possible and wondering "how" subscribers can make such a request?

What channels are you looking for? I think Philo has them all covered

Fortunately, a large number of the Philo channels that I care about "are" covered with TVE. But not all of them. Below is the list of Philo channels that are "not" covered with TVE:

Axis TV
BBC World News
Cleo TV
Discovery Family
Hallmark Drama
Law & Crime
MTV Classic
MTV Live
People TV

So out of the above channels that are "not" covered with TVE, I would be particularly interested to see A&E, History, Nickelodeon, and BBC World News (to name a few) covered by TVE. I don't know how the contracts are made or how subscribers could even go about asking for such TVE service for the ones not currently offered?

Did u not see the list of TVE channels that are there in the OP of this thread.
A few of the ones u list that ARE on TVE with Philo.
DIY stands out to me. I certainly get that via TVE.

There are 83 total TVE channels u can get form Philo, according to my Source list on the sever.

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Philo HAS TVE access to those channels, but the Networks DON'T have live streams. That's the reason they don't work with Channels DVR. I don't know what calling Philo would do.

I have problem with Discovery channels and Animal and Science. Get "no refresh token" info.

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A&E - 6043
History Channel - 6044
FYI - 6045
Lifetime - 6046

Now supported via TVE starting with Server version: 2020.04.19.0128

Thanks to the finds of:

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When we speaking about Philo, maybe you could add BBC World News stream I am sure there was official stream on YT

Does anyone get game show network TV through the channels app with their Philo subscription?. I saw mention of it earlier in this thread but I don’t see it when I run a scan.

GSN does not have internet live streaming.

It does now through its iOS, Roku and Android apps. Does it have to have the live stream directly from its web site for channels to pull it into TVE?

Edit: sorry, you said it had to have Internet streaming so I take that mean directly from the Internet rather than an app.

Yes. The channel must provide a live stream on their web site and they must support TVE for login.

Is there a way to change the Timezone on the ChannelsDVR app? I’d like to be able to grab the East Coast Philo feeds for TVE without changing the time on my WD PR2100 NAS. If it’s only set at the OS level, I’ll change it there.

Just thought I would ask first...

I don't think it is necessary to change the timezone of the server. I have East and West coast feeds for several channels and it just works. For example, I have TBS(E) and TBS(W) both enabled and the guide is correct without changing the timezone.

I believe the feeds you receive are based on your geographic location, not the time zone of the DVR server.

I thought so too since my Philo payment zip is California, but if I change the timezone on my Firestick 4K to EST, I get EST feeds (shows will play 3 hours earlier for me) but the ChannelsDVR just says PST from the settings page and the streams say something like “unavailable for current Location”..

Not a deal breaker, I can stream from Philo live and then the DVR will pick up the stream 3 hours later in case I missed it...

Any chance of adding AE and Lifetime?

Both channels were added a few months ago. Upgrade to the latest version of Channels DVR.

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