Purple theme isn't good for me

Any way we can get some theme options?


This has been requested often in the past, and I can't really see it happening. The purple has become part of Channels' "brand", as I see it.

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That's too bad and annoying. :laughing:

I’ve too have asked about this several times but never got an answer. I would love a light and dark theme. They can keep the purple channels logo if indeed it is a branding thing but I’ve never received a response from the developers - only people speculating that branding is the reason.

It also might just be low on the priority list too. They are constantly working on adding new features and improving the product so maybe it’s on their list, just haven’t got to it yet.

not being critical of your request, but exactly what portion of the theme are you wanting to customize? i only ask because on my AppleTV UI none of my backgrounds, etc are purple, just a few bits of text.

I agree. It would be great to be able to change from the purple.

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It’s all variations of purple.