Re-order channels

I user UK Freeview for my content and (for various stupid reasons) the SD channels are still at the tope of the channel order and HD at 101 onwards.

With other DVR backends I can manually swap them so that BBC One HD is first for example. Would this be possible for Channels too?

You can't reorder channels in the WebUI, but on all the clients you can organise your channels in any order you want by going to the On Now section.

How does that work? I can't see anyway to move them around in the TVOS UI? And do changes propagate into the guide order?

you can only re-order Favorite channels. The normal lineup can not be re-ordered.

To re-order, click and hold on a channel in On Now, and you'll get the option.

Ah ok, I have On Now disabled so that doesn't really help.

Any plans to allow this in the back end?

There was a glimmer of a possibly mentioned back when Locast streams were first integrated, but I don't think there was enough of a cost/benefit trade off to make it worthwhile.

While I personally would like this feature, I feel the hassle of implementing it and the possibility for introducing new errors, makes it most likely a no go. In other words, don't hold your breath.

(If reordering channels is important, you can use other DVR software which supports this. Also, if you use Kodi as a frontend to Channels, you can reorder your channels there.)

Good to know thanks. I'm a refugee from other backends (have used tvheadend, nextpvr, dvblink, vdr, hdhomerun and probably others). I'm looking for rock solid stability - which is why I'm now using Channels and also why i'm not using the channels addon in Kodi (as its not stable and exposes your misusing of guide mapping with UK channels).

you can re-order your favorite channels in on-now and then they are ordered that way in the guide.

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