Reclaim your Media Library with the Kids Section

Channels is a great way to build up a huge library of TV shows and movies. But if you have kids, sometimes that content can take over your whole DVR and media library. You’ve probably run into this problem in the past.

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This is great! I will be playing with this.

It doesn't look like there's support for multiple logins/profiles in channels yet, is this something you're considering? I usually hate multiple profiles but for kids it might make sense so they don't just bypass and watch whatever they want. Or another "app" in ATV for Channels Kids they can click and be presented with only the kids stuff. Then no one has to worry about logins (and I could use ATV profiles to lockdown if desired).

Also, I've been fighting PLEX on how to properly setup a kids library with only specific content. Basically I have a library full of kids content that I'd want to import as "kids" library content. Then from my other libraries I'd want to mark individual items as both kids and main library so they can watch in kids area too. The issue is PLEX primarily uses ratings which don't work for kids, as we don't want them to watch X but think Y is ok, regardless of ratings. Either because of annoyance, personal preference, etc. PLEX has shared tags but they cause other issues.

Can't wait to try this out some more!

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Not the same, but check out Kids Only Mode to lock down an entire Channels app to only show content from the Kids Section.

This is why we made the Kids Section a first class feature of Channels, rather than just relying on content ratings and separate libraries you have to navigate to. We think kids content is a bigger deal than an afterthought.


I wonder, since ATV supports multiple profiles and each profile has its own app settings, would it be possible to enable Kids Only Mode on one profile on a device, but have another profile with regular mode? (The TV is shared, kids don't have their own).

This. :point_up:

something polished like this to hide holiday films (titles, virtual channels, etc) would be nice. Have the films already loaded - but only appear during specific time frames (Christmas, Halloween, etc)

So I've been playing with Kids content in channels and the above is possible but its very manual for local content. Right now my workflow (ugh) looks like this:

  • Rip kids content from DVD/BD
  • Copy content to Kids TV or Kids Movies folder
  • Open Channels web
    • DVR :arrow_right: Manage
    • If content is movie
      • Select Movies on left pane and find content in list
      • Click Visibility and select Kids
    • If content is TV show
      • Select Shows on left pane and find content in list
      • Click Show title
      • Click Visibility and select Kids
  • Login to PLEX web
    • Click left pane to select Kids TV or Kids Movie library and find content in list
    • Hover over video click edit pencil icon
    • Click Sharing :arrow_right: add Sharing Label "Kids"

I think Kids Section needs a couple things to make it really stand out above PLEX etc.

  1. Ability to set visibility filters when adding local content libraries/folders
  2. Ability to set visibility filters when creating a series pass within ATV

Just wanted to give an update on this, the profiles don't work to accomplish this. Channels client settings are per-device and don't consider the profile. But even if they used the profile, the problem is ATV requires Apple accounts for profiles. This doesn't work unless you have Apple devices for your kids. There are a lot of threads out there asking Apple for better profiles, so maybe someday it will be possible to create local profiles, but not now.