Release tuner when Apple TV goes to sleep

Greetings and thank you for an amazing product!

We have a HDHomeRun Prime and TVE, all from Verizon FIOS with Apple TV front ends. If you are watching a channel and activate Apple TV’s sleep mode, if you then come back to the TV hours later and turn it on, Channels is displaying the last channel watched. When you go to Channels Server, under status, you can see that even with the Apple TV in sleep mode, the server still has the tuner engaged and sending data to the Apple TV.

While watching Live TV, disengage the tuner by going back to the guide or any other menu in the Channels app. Engage Apple TV’s sleep mode. (Yes, this is easy to do but, #WIFE.)

On to my question, is this a bug or am I requesting a feature? The feature would be, when you activate sleep mode, Channels would disengage the tuner and stop sending data to the Apple TV. Thoughts?

What remote are you using and how are you activating sleep?

I am using the Apple TV remote and activating sleep by holding the top right button for two seconds, the TVos interface will slide in from the right and then I select “Sleep connected devices”. Please let me know if you need any photos or logs, I am more than happy to assist in your amazing efforts!

What kind of hdhomerun? Is tuner sharing on or off?

It is a HDHR Prime 3, tuner sharing is on.

Aka: The "Home" button.

I just did that for an experiment. Had HDHomeRun Config up on my computer. Went to first unused tuner. Fired-up TV and ATV. Selected a channel not already in-use. It showed up as in-use on the Config GUI. Slept the ATV in exactly the way you say you are. Tuner was free'd.

Hit Menu to turn the ATV back on. Came back up on the channel it'd been on and the tuner that had been idled was again in-use. Slept the ATV again, and the tuner was again released.

Our tuner is an HDHomeRun CONNECT Quatro.

I had a TVos update as well as updated to the latest beta version of Channels DVR server and can confirm, it’s not an issue! Thank you all for the quick responses here! Greatly appreciated!