Remote access with uk sky router


Is anyone using a uk sky router to access channels dvr remotely, I am struggling with the port forwarding, I have forwarded port 8089 but can’t get remote access, I have other devices using port forwarding fine but for some reason just can’t get this to work, in the dvr app it tells me configure router to port which I find strange as this is internal network addy, I have tried accessing via my ip:8089 and through the my channels web page and still can’t get access, I’m fairly sure the ports are forwarded properly, any help appreciated


What settings did you use on the router for the port forward?

That’s the IP of your DVR, so you need to enter that on the router to make sure port 8089 gets sent to your DVR.

Use the port checker to verify the port is accessible:


Ports were not open, managed to sort now thanks, just got to sort in comodo firewall, but works great now


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