Remote streaming does not pass DVB subtitles

Actually, Channels is remuxing, not transcoding. Remote viewing requires an HLS stream, while locally Channels serves TS. So, you're still getting the same audio and video data, but it looks like there's a problem when remuxing with DVBSUB.

Wouldn't it be a TS stream when set to direct? I thought direct functioned the same as if it was local

No, as I understand it all remote streams are HLS.

I found this old thread about DVB subtitles and HLS. Perhaps Eric can check on the current status of this:

Remote streaming is always HLS.

You can learn more here:

Is there a solution? Not being able to view subtitles when not at home is really annoying. My grandfather is currently in hospital and would love to watch TV from his iPad. He is deaf and needs subtitles though.

I've already tested and channels works fine in the hospital, but with no subtitles

What content is currently not working? I don't see any remote playback in your recent diagnostics.

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Here is a screen recording

Please submit diagnostics from the app after you do this.

DVR Diag: 610d1590-2146-405b-a43e-4c2b6be90297

iOS app diagnostics also sent, but wasn't given a code so I assume you'll see it show up anyway

If you record the channel and play that back remotely, do you get subtitles that way?


Please upload a 1-2 minute recording with the subtitles to:

Have uploaded it now, when set to stream at home, there are no subtitles, when set to direct, there are subtitles

It looks like you uploaded a screen capture or something. I need you to record a minute or two of video off of the air and then upload the raw recording from your DVR.

Ohh okay,

Recordings do have subtitles and they work when watched away from home. It Is only when watching something live do they not work when streaming.

Regardless, I'll upload a recording

Please update to the latest pre-release and let us know if this resolves the issue for you.

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Seems to be fixed now thanks!

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Hi, just wanted to add that I was seeing the same issue but hadn't got around to creating a report, and the new pre-release version also fixes it for me. Many thanks!


I'm having a similar issue again. This time, downloaded movies do not contain subtitles.

If I stream the movie over the LAN or WAN, the movie will contain subtitles. But if I download the movie to my phone and watch it offline (while on a plane for example) - subtitles do not work.

Seems to only affect movies and not TV shows