Request: A better web player

So far I've been pretty happy with Channels and it's DVR functions. One area I am not pleased with is the web experience when playing back pre-recorded or live video. It's just clunky and there is no way to play the video in a pop out windowed experience. Also when viewing a video, you have to press STOP then close the window. ESC on the keyboard does not even work when trying to dismiss the player window.

All on all way too many clicks.

I'd love to be able to playback video (live/pre-recorded) in a 3rd party player like VLC. Is that possible now?


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Certainly live channels, as an m3u, yes:

Or, for the raw MPEG-TS, probably preferable if bandwidth isn't a concern:


Thx. Is there a way from the web player to find out what the URL is for a specific channel?

This depends upon your browser. I have no problem pulling the video out into a floating window with Firefox.

Definitely. When working at my desk, I use mpv to view. VLC will work, too. You can directly access a channel's stream with the following URL: http://${DVR_IP}:8089/devices/ANY/${CH_NUM}/stream.mpg, where DVR_IP is the IP address of your Channels server, and CH_NUM is the channel number you wish to view.

The playlist given in the post above will give you a listing of all the channels; my method is to initiate a stream for a single particular channel.

Excellent. Thanks. I will try FF. I used Chromium Edge right now

You can right click copy url on the Watch Now button

excellent tip! Thank you.

I second the request Allow alternate player app from DVR web UI