Request Skip Commercial Button auto dissolve after a few seconds


I will ask why, after being an early adopter, you would walk away after not getting a reply after just five days. Ask them again. Make your case.


This feature is less than a week old. It’s early days. As I said at the top of this thread, we’ll iterate on it like we do with everything.


Personally, I was delighted when I saw the new skip feature. It has worked almost flawlessly with my Siri remote. However, last night during a movie I had recorded on my local CW channel it detected a commercial when there wasn’t one. The button hung around for quite a while before it went away. Even so, the huge benefit, for me, is well worth the very minor annoyance of having the button show up when it shouldn’t. I’m not trying to build a library I just don’t want to watch commercials so having it on my screen for a few seconds is no big deal. I had been using an RCA remote to try to skip commercials and sometimes it would work and sometimes it didn’t. This seems much more reliable so far.