Samsung TV Plus for Channels

I disagree. None of the online, ad supported, free TV providers make anything. They simply rebroadcast old content. Time-shifting and commercial skipping may present a challenge. But it cuts both ways. I never watched Pluto or any of the rest before I could pull them into Channels. Now I do, and occasionally catch a commercial -- although a huge percentage of the ads I see are Pluto promoting itself. No revenue generation there. I have no idea how they make money. I hope they make a lot. But if they pull the plug, I'm not crawling back to the app. There are other more convenient ways to get the content I need -- some paid, some free.

I realize the TV industry is in the middle of huge change. The big boys have turned to regulation (rebroadcast fees) but I doubt that can last. Too many people have figured out what they're paying for broadcast television. That cat's out of the bag. Maybe that's why huge companies like CBS are dabbling with Pluto to hedge their bets. Hopefully some will respond to the current challenge with innovation and produce more compelling ads that people don't want to skip (ie Super Bowl) or make more compelling content that people are willing to pay for, like the stuff behind paywalls.

Either way, I don't think the answer is to do the current providers a solid and watch the ads anyway or use their crappy paid DVR solution. Just do what you can within the law while everything shakes out. It isn't our job to help them be profitable.

The copyright is that of the content producer. The broadcaster has the responsibility to respect the copyright. The courts have ruled that time shifting is legal yet sharing is not. We have not aggreged to the TOS so we do not need to abide by it. If the broadcaster dose not want others to view there content they can prevent this via technology. Commercial skipping has been ruled legal if the view takes an action. Automatic commercial skipping has not been ruled on.

I agree it is great that there are people that make the effort to provide ways for us to access content. By the way, an antenna is hardly perfect, even when you usually get good reception.

If we are going to be sticker. Lets add 3 words to my quote. It fixes this.

Available for free.

There we go. Us skipping commercial defeats the main reason they make content available for free.

Agreed. "These companies have yet to take major actions to stop the community." They could do
this with a simple drm, token system, geo blocking, various encryptions.

If your refering to the Pluto placeholder adds. Thats because we are viewing it outside their app. I think the normal ads are inserted over the recorded stream somehow inside the app. Its vudoo magic.

Aint that the truth. I do everything i can to hide from ads.

Anyway the point of my original long post was. These streams break. Give it time to get fixed. They usually do. Please donate/support m3u mainteners. They make life better for us all.

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Guide data seems stale this morning. Wondering if it's just me.

EDIT: Never mind, false alarm.


Is there a way to specify the channel number to start from?
I don't think this has been mentioned. Please let me know if I missed it.

Anyone else notice guide data is not downloading today for Samsung TV Plus?


Just checked. I am not getting guide data either for Samsung TV Plus.

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@matthuisman Hi Matt, people are reporting that their guide data isn't working again for Samsung Tv Plus. Can you please fix this again? Thanks!

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opened issue on his GH.


Hello all, I looked at the list on one of the posts above and the us.m3u8 and us.xml are missing.
Maybe Samsung removed them. I used the all.m3u8 and all.xml instead of the missing us versions and I now have 500 channels in my Samsung source.

After looking at the guide, there are quite a few duplicate channels.

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Like others, I noticed that the channel detail descriptions were no longer there. So then I rebooted my Synology server and all of the Samsung channels disappeared too: 0 channels.

When I go to the URL folder before the /all part: Index of /SamsungTVPlus/ there is no /us options there- us.m3u8 or us.xml. Switching to /all.m3u8 delivered the 500 channels described by cingin (including the duplicates) but, so far, does not show the programming details for me- just generics that basically match the name of the channel. Hopefully the /us files return soon.

Update: the programming details are now showing up for the /all channels. But yes, let's hope the /us files return soon.

Update: used the Wayback machine to check this directory from a few weeks ago to see if other files had also disappeared. I was wondering if there were more below the kr. files that maybe had vanished. Only the 3 us. files are missing: m3u8, xml and xml.gz.

It also looks like "all" doesn't include some of the us channels.

The us. files were there the other day when I tagged Matt in my post above. He may be working on it, to figure out what's going on. @warrentc3 Warren, I do NOT see your issue listed on his Github.

Maybe he deleted it, and will no longer support the us version for some reason, as it's also missing from the Github now. Or he's working on it, and had to remove it for now. I guess we wait and see.

The .all file has more than 500 channels, so Channels DVR truncates it, as it's incapable of handling more than 500 max in any one .m3u file.

Understood. But I don't think thats why some US channels are missing. If you look in the all m3u file, they are missing there as well.

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hopefully it gets put back in and hope it was removed from both just temporarily for a reason. the individual streams urls actually still work but the m3u and epg links are gone for "us" and "all".

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samsung have switched to a new api endpoint
current one still returns OK data for all countries except US.
So I need to figure out the new endpoints


Any fix on this yet?

My Samsung TV Plus channels no longer show up. Says “0” for channels on server. I have it set through Docker and have not had any problems for many months. Anyone else having this issue?

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