Search Show-Recommend Streaming Service if Unavailable

I decided to spend some time figuring out all of the ins and outs of Channels DVR and must say I'm really impressed with all of it's features. This is leaps and bounds ahead of similar services, of which I've tried many and was never really impressed until I stumbled upon Channels.

One thing I was wondering is if I search for a show, say for instance "Homeland" and it's not available on my TV Everywhere streams, or on cable/OTA antenna, can a recommendation of places to stream the show be displayed with a link for adding the service? You may even be able to get compensation based on clicks to their sites, I don't know how that works. It's currently a function with FireTV and it's nice that I don't have to stop and do a search outside of the app interface its just right there for the choosing. A click and it installs the app and takes me to a screen for setup. If it could then integrate immediately into Channels, that would be like icing on the cake.