Setup step through with MCE?

So it seems all the steps are working but wondering how to merge everything back together?

Channels -> Records Show
MCE -> Monitors folder and converts show, removing ads, placing in a "converted folder"
MCE -> Deletes original show
Channels -> Still shows original ad included file and not the new file

How do I complete this process to have Channels remove the old file location, include the new file location, and not duplicate recordings?

Separate question if I place final resting place inside of a Plex folder structure can Channels read this and have it so that its not duplicating downloads.

I suspect what I need to do is have MEC place the final file within the Plex Folder structure, have Channels read the Plex file structure.

What I am missing though is how can I setup Channels to "drop" the original recorded show and "add" the final file that is now in a Plex folder structure.

You have two options. The first is to put the converted/trimmed show in an MPEG container in the same location where MCE Buddy found it, and tell Channels to update the metadata which will update the duration.

The second option is to tell Channels the file has been deleted, and put the new file in a location added as Local Content.

Both options have been discussed many times on this forum: a search ought to bring you to the right posts with the steps to follow.

This is essentially the second option mentioned above. Read the documents for Local Content to see how Channels expects the folder structure to be.

Channels expects to manage its recordings. Modifying files is not really supported. However, many other users are doing the same as you wish to achieve. Some searching will definitely get you there.


I personally do option #2. You technically have incorect file extension. However it does not seem to bother Channels, Plex, VLC. Those are the 3 mecia players i use.

Option 1. Delete old files.

In your script, just call CURL -X POST /dvr/pruner/deleted , and it will do exactly what you want. This is how we make things available.

Option 2. Replace files with same exact file name

In my case, the HVEC MP4 profile would generate files with the *.mp4 extension. To correct this, you need to edit the “profiles.conf file located in the config directory where MCEBuddy is installed.” Within profiles.conf, find the profile you selected and add RenameExt=.mpg to the profile.