Shield Live TV frozen/black screen

We are new to Channels and first couple of days went pretty well but had issues a few times last night watching Live TV. We had paused the stream for a little bit and started to resume and was playing fine at first. We were watching live and the feed froze and went to a black screen I believe. When it happened we were not able to FF/RW/Play, etc . I was able to go back one menu and start the stream over (so the main app was not frozen it seems) but we lost all of our cache so jumped to live and missed what we were behind on. I used the submit diagnostics right away so not sure if that opens a case for my ID automatically or if i need to also send an email but wanted to post here as well in case this is a known issue.

Diagnostics show a flaky Wi-Fi connection at the shield is causing it to randomly disconnect from your network.

thank you for the quick response. I have seen the shield every so often say it had a wifi issue but i did reboot and reinstall the channels app actually a few hours earlier. i have google wifi in my house (using the standard pucks and the main unit is their older asus onbase (converted to google wifi) which is about 25' from my shield so i wonder what the issue is

thank you for the help! all looks ok otherwise in the logs ?

Mesh based Wi-Fi systems can be problematic. Without a stable network connection the shield will randomly disconnect from both the hdhomerun and dvr. We always recommend a wired connection if possible.

makes sense. Alright so this isnt 100% idea and the same thing but I just moved one of my Google wifi AP's to right next to my Shield and hardwired from one of its ports into the Shield. So TECHNICALLY i'm hardwired now but w/ a mesh route back to the tuner/dvr so i'll see how it goes. Using the speed test in the app i'm seeing 476Mbit/s speeds with about 3.0 for latency and 2.2 for jitter. I know on Wifi since google doesnt let you pick 2.4 or 5 for a client I would sometimes get 200Mbit/s and sometimes 30. Unfortunately i dont have a real easy way to run a hard line all the way back from my TV location back to my router/switch so hoping this helps. I did see a lot of wifi/shield issues after their Oreo update from a year ago so maybe its more an issue on the Shield than the actual network

one more update here....i just submitted one more diag package from my Shield. I was watching something on the Amazon Prime app (but had Channels open but doing nothing in the background) and saw a quick pop up at the bottom of the screen saying "network tuner disconnected". everything looks connected fine on my shield network wise and my movie on amazon hasnt hiccuped at all

Sounds like you setup Live Channels maybe. We don't show any system wide notifications.

ahh yup when i was checking some things in my system yesterday i did enable Live channels out of curiosity so i wonder if that was causing any of my other issues last night. Did you see anything about any more network disconnects or spotty wifi like the last logs? just curious if my new setup made any difference but ill see how the next couple of nights go

You can pull up the logs yourself via

Last time I saw messages like:

Streamer: read error: Software caused connection abort

DVRClient: jsonpipe failed: Failed to connect to /

awesome thanks i'll keep an eye out for that if it happens again