Show a program already recorded on app guide

Could there be something added to tell me if DVR has already recorded a program when I click on a program on the guide. At least a play button added along with record again or something. I have been hitting record on programs not realizing that I have already recorded them. I see that the Web UI shows a green play button indicating that a recording is available. Just would like to see that color or icon indicates program recorded on the device apps guide as well. I’ve been going though my recording on the web UI and noticed duplicate and triplicate recordings. This is definitely why I am using much disk space on my drive.
Also add icon orange for record like web UI for programs in queue as well.

I'm not sure I understand your use case. Why not use a pass instead of scheduling recordings manually from the guide?

here is screenshot of the Web UI icons
The Orange Icon represents recording in cue, the green icon shows that the program has been recorded and available. The Fire TV and Apple TV guides don't show these programs recorded.. So if you click on a program like the the image show below the app does not show that these two programs already are recorded. Here is an image of same program on Apple TV app.
No icons stating programs are in queue or recorded. Also if i click on the program already recorded nothing shows to play the recording, just a record button.
Here the app shows me its in cue.
I hope this helps understand what I was asking.
I don't think a series pass should be the option just to record a movie.

Thanks, that explains your use case (recording movies).

I'm moving this to Feature Requests and we will consider a solution for this use case in future releases.

Thank you, Im just surprised that no one else has brought this up. But this will eliminate multiple recording by seeing a indication on the apps program guide.