'Show option' to set its default Closed Caption setting

Love the option to set default speed option for each tv show...

Same for Closed Caption? / it's a pain to keep turning on and off between each show.

Would be handy for us oldies to have a setting for closed captioning...
I want it on for news shows / thick accents / during fast playback speed / etc
I don't want it on sports

Current State -> the default -> for existing users that want to control always themselves

Thanks for the suggestion. This has been added to the iOS and tvOS version as of the latest TestFlight beta. Be sure to update to the latest pre-release of Channels DVR Server as well.

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Wow you rock. Haven't had a chance to try it yet, but downloaded server and see the option now...

Yeah, this is great! I can finally disable CC's on game shows! (Trivia game show CC's are all spoilers.)

Doh, just realized this probably needs a new android client beta update?

Any way we can spread this joy to Android clients at some point?