Show the name(s) of the pass(es) that triggered a recording

With so many passes that are active, sometimes it is not obvious why a recording is scheduled.
It would be very useful to display somewhere on the schedule page and in the library which pass(es) triggered a recording.

So I have an episode of The Lone Ranger, specifically season 5 episode 24, that got recorded today. The thing is that I have zero idea why this specific episode got recorded. I don't have a pass for this series.

My guess is that one actor that is in one of my advanced passes appears in this episode. Now I have some work to do to figure out what caused this episode to be recorded. If only there was a way to see somewhere in the recording details what pass triggered this recording.

You can check the log for the job id, it will say something like 123456-xx where XX is the id of the pass (or chXX if it was scheduled manually by a user)


Thank you for the information. I found this:

2023/06/12 07:29:30.739675 [DVR] Recording for job 1686569370-325 from M3U-FrndlyTV1 ch7021 into "TV\The Lone Ranger\The Lone Ranger S05E24 1957-02-21 The Turning Point 2023-06-12-0729.mpg" for 32m29.9855712s

I have 185 passes so pass ID 325 doesn't seem to be a number from the pass list.

How do I map pass ID 325 to its pass name?

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Cool, thanks!

"EQ":{"Cast":"Paul Campbell"}

That's it, it's my wife's fault because she likes this actor. :laughing:

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You can also view the pass number from the recording.
Recording > Options > View Details
Click on the File ID number and it will appear as the RuleID


Great info. Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to the information I gathered from this thread, I wrote this script:

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