Siri Voice Control

Is there a way that something like this can be implemented with Channels? Even a workaround that someone uses would be good to know about :slight_smile: thanks!

Siri on Apple TV lets you launch live channels with just your voice - 9to5Mac

Yes, you can create Siri Shortcuts for your favorite llve channels per AppleTV:

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Ahh thank you! I will look into trying to set that up. I see it doesn't work via Siri on the Apple TV itself, so I may still need to look for another function that's a bit more native for the family :slight_smile:

Yes, and even if it did, Siri would get confused by the "launch live channels" feature that tvOS includes, for all of the apps listed in your link above. For changing between favorite live channels on the Channels DVR app though, the simplest solution might be to just add a HomePod mini to the living room, for hands-free voice commands like I explained.