SlingTV + TV Everywhere for MSNBC

I verified that MSNBC is working when I log into the Web with my SlingTV account. However, it says "Not Authorized" on TV Everywhere source even though I know that I have authorization to this channel via SlingTV.

I have SlingTV TV Everywhere as my Top Priority Source on my list of sources in ChannelsDVR.

Can you please fix this or tell me what I am doing incorrectly?

Does it work on

Yes, MSNBC is just not listed in the TV Everywhere Source List for SlingTV even though SlingTV’s website says that it is a TV Everywhere channel

Click and hold on the Check for Update button.

Then after the upgrade click pencil under Sling and then Edit at the top right. Click rescan next to MSNBC

That did it! Thanks so much. BTW, there are a few more discrepancies in the TV Everywhere list for SlingTV. Perhaps you can fix those too when you get a chance. NFL Network is one I spotted... there may be several others but I would hope you could double check the list on SlingTV’s website when you get a chance. Thanks again.