SNY broken

I submitted 4e97b43f-b442-4b20-a683-1c1d058c775f since all you guys are just mouthing off. :slight_smile:



@tmm1 would you mind taking a look at this? Sny no longer working. HAR file sent to support. thanks!



any update on this? it has been almost a week and we're only a week out from opening day...

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the radio silence on this is a little disconcerting...i feel like since it still works on the web it should be something they can fix (especially since i can pull the m3u8 from the web after logging in and watch it in VLC), but we haven't even gotten an acknowledgement that it's broken yet.

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sweet. i will check it out as soon as the game is over (or maybe earlier if i get bored once the regulars come out)...

It’s working!


Looks like there is a pre roll add inserted before the stream and channels can’t seem to work it out.

Diagnostics from client and server sent just in case a workaround can be found.



Confirmed working. Thank you

this only seems to happen if you start the stream when it's on a commercial...i noticed it last night while trying to watch sportsnite. joined during commercial and had issues, but when i backed out during the show and jumped back in, it worked.

might have been coincidence, but i figured i'd throw it out there as a data point in case it helps.

@AeroR1 well, at least with the season being over before it even starts we don't have to worry about SNY any longer...

it doesnt work for me in channels at all anymore. it just spins and spins and times out at 32 seconds. the server shows it as playing and when i exit, it still shows as playing. it won't let go of the stream


i have two providers that just wont work:

2022/04/01 15:48:37.554584 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Cablevision for ch6162 SNY
2022/04/01 15:49:20.330713 [TNR] Opened connection to TVE-Verizon for ch6162 SNY
2022/04/01 15:50:37.554711 [TNR] Cancelling stream TVE-Cablevision ch6162 after no data was received for 2m0s
2022/04/01 15:50:37.559642 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Cablevision for ch6162 SNY
2022/04/01 15:51:20.330899 [TNR] Cancelling stream TVE-Verizon ch6162 after no data was received for 2m0s
2022/04/01 15:51:20.335968 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Verizon for ch6162 SNY

but the fun part is that it works outside of channels on their site and apps. its like they are blocking channels? who knows.

@tmm1 any insights?

I'm having this same issue as well. I've tried creating a Custom Channel and extracting the m3u8 but I don't get audio this way.

SNY app and channels both broken. Guessing not a coincidence

the app has been pretty bad since launch, but it still works (and always has) on the web. since channels pulls from the web, i doubt the app being broken is linked to this issue...

my guess is that it's the pre-roll ads that are messing things up.

This tweet went about as expected - what a fiasco.

Still busted..

2022/04/11 09:40:23.243437 [HLS] Probe failed for live stream after 10.136767084s and 0 bytes
2022/04/11 09:40:28.442359 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch6162-dANY-1b046277dafa: Timeout waiting for session to start after 8s
2022/04/11 09:40:28.442530 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch6162-dANY-1b046277dafa (out: 0s, finished: false)
2022/04/11 09:40:28.444590 [HLS] ffmpeg: ch6162-dANY-1b046277dafa-remux: pipe:: could not find codec parameters
2022/04/11 09:40:28.445630 [TNR] Closed connection to TVE-Fubo for ch6162 SNY

SNY is still not working for me. With the 7 - 2 Giants coming to town I'll have to watch on the app.
Diagnostic submitted: 2b001c89-e8d6-489c-ab3e-a381c7cb2a2b


Just submitted fresh diagnostics and bumping thread in hopes…

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