Some frame skipping

Very often when I watch a basketball game it starts stuttering video playback. I can’t find any pattens when it does or doesn’t do it.

Any setting I can check on this?

I’m using all default settings

Source? Connection (wired/wireless)?


Recording or live?

If recorded, does the mpg file play in VLC?

If live, does it work on the official HDHR app on Apple TV?

I’ve noticed very very subtle frame skipping as well. It’s a recent issue that didn’t happen before. Might be an interlacing issue. I’ve tried the regular and experimental deinterlacing. It doesn’t happen all the time and it really is very subtle, but when I go back 10s in the timeline and replay the same section, I can definitely tell that it’s not doing it anymore and it looks like 50p.

it was still recording while I was watching although I was behind live tv.

I just watched part of the game that was frame skipping on the Apple TV 4K. I watched in vlc and didn't notice any frame skipping.

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I dont' consider mine subtle. it's very noticeable. I'm not sure mine is related to deinterlacing as the super bowl broadcast now appears as 720p in the mpg unless the broadcast is 1080i and it's being saved as 720p.

Very often CBS does broadcast in 1080i

A CBS station doesn't change from 1080i to 720p or vice versa.
It depends on how you receive it.
If you get it OTA, then you record what they transmit.
If you get it via TVE Local, Locast or Cable, then you get what they give you.

My CBS station transmits 1080i, but my cable provider changes it to 720p as does the local CBS TVE stream and Locast.

Yeah I hear you. But I'm quite certain that the channels app will start dropping frames (or something else that causes some slight stuttering) if you rewind in certain circumstances. I'll keep checking and try to find out those circumstances.

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You should try out my steps to resolving playback issues.