Some shows stuck in reset loop when playing

Some shows exhibit this bug only when played on either of my TiVo stream 4Ks where the recording starts to play and plays fine if left alone but if you try to fast forward or jump forward the image and audio will jump forward but then the audio gets way out of sync or the image and play bar cursor jumps back to the starting couple seconds of the video. Playing the affected show on iOS or Apple TV devices plays them as normal so it doesn’t seem to be a server issue. Also if I start the show playing from my iPhone and choose for it to play on the TiVo stream from there the TiVo stream plays it fine.

Sorta hard to describe but put a video link below. Any thoughts or information that would help debug the issue?

Can you try finding that recording on the web UI and select Fix Video Timestamps

Performed timestamp fix as requested from the web UI. Pertinent section of the logs afterwards below. Issue still occurring as before. Anything else I can do or provide to help?

2020/09/29 19:00:03.673274 [IDX] Generating video index for job 1601423990-83

2020/09/29 19:41:46.578884 [MTS] Rewriting MPEG-TS timestamps for file-4211: Good Morning America S2020E312 2020-09-29-0659.mpg

2020/09/29 19:44:38.538724 [MTS] Statistics for "Good Morning America S2020E312 2020-09-29-0659.mpg": skipped=0 unhandled_packets=0 discontinuity_detected=0 transport_errors=0 invalid_pts=0 invalid_dts=0 saw_pcr=true saw_pmt=true highest_pts=7440.449189

2020/09/29 19:44:38.548670 [MTS] Finished video index generation for file-4211 in 171s

For additional information this has been occurring most mornings on this same recording for Good Morning America.

Any improvement in playback after fixing timestamp?

Can you grab the player logs via http://x:57000/log using the IP of the TiVo right after the issue occurs

No there wasn’t a discernible difference in the issue after the timestamp repair. Logs from the TiVo below.