Sorting by season/episode

Love the app, but when looking at recordings and playing them back, it’s very annoying to sort by record date air date. As this usually don’t have any significant meaning when recording old series, adding an option to sort by season episode would be nice. Even better the ability to filter by season and have its episodes sorted, but just the sorting would make the experience great!

I agree, the current sorting and client menu structure leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully it is something they are working on improving.

:wave: you're right!

When we first started Channels and the DVR features, we designed for light DVR usage, so we didn't build out big browsable library views. We optimized for finding new recordings. As time has moved on, you guys have adopted it as your powerhouse dvr!

Because of that we're working on better full library views. More to come soon...


Now that I use it exclusively in my household with lots pf passes it is very hard to keep up with what you watch ... So I started using Plex exclusively again for Viewing.

I agree, but I really want to get rid of Plex (or at least not have to use it much). It does a nice job with organization, but Channels DVR is just so much better in almost all other facets.

I think if Channels does a good job with the library views re-design, then I can stop using Plex almost exclusively. Still need it for Roku access, and auto-play (Android), but I can migrate away from Roku as time goes on.

All of my Channels useage is DVR, In fact, I rarely watch any "live" TV and prefer to record and play back -- with commercial skip -- the OTA recordings. So, thanks for your efforts to improve the DVR full library views.

With the extended storage (I currently have 36TB available on 4 drives), movies imports (great for consolidating previous to Channels recorded content), and the new Trash recover feature, the Channels development crew have really improved the product. Thanks!