Stream Not Live

I get a few channels from time to time on my sources that says Stream Not Live.. Particularly Pac12 Network with an Xfinity source says it all the time. Can anyone explain what that is?

The pac12 bug was fixed in the latest release. If there are other channels please specify which ones.

Olympic channel

Usually it means that nothing is being broadcast on that stream at the moment, or the stream is unavailable.

Olympic channel fixed in latest build

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Yep these all seem to be working now. Thanks for the update.

Getting ‘stream not live’ error message for NESN.

Update to the latest build by click-and-hold on the Check For Update button.

I just set up my server for the first time this weekend and am experiencing that error on NESN as well. I appear to have the most recent build. Over all, everything else I've tested so far works great. Awesome service!

You have to click-and-hold the Check for Update button for the pre-release build with the fix

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