Testing the new Experimental Transcoder (for improved remote viewing of recorded content)

This is very interesting! Thanks for reporting it.

Would you be able to upload any of these files to dropbox or google drive and send a link to [email protected]? I would love to try to replicate this issue myself to identify what's going wrong.

Sure - they are just standard HD recordings from things like BBC1 and ITV here in the uk.. i will send over an example file now :slight_smile:

hey Eric - link sent to support email with test file.. let me know if you got it as it went via icloud mail drop :slight_smile:

Got it. It looks like there must be a couple issues interacting badly together.

I was unable to replicate the situation that you were seeing on my development system — I didn't see those [NULL ... messages and seeking worked fine.

I'm going to try it on a Synology to see if I can get the same behavior and am also seeing if we can figure out what those messages are about.

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Legend :slight_smile: thanks Eric!

further to my last comment if it helps i am running a synology 718+ and having just looked at the logs the NULL .. seem to be in the logs with the old transceiver as well (although much less frequently and doesnt crash the firetv app)

I don’t often watch remotely, but I did yesterday while on the interstate. Overall, the stream was very stable, changing quality on the fly as my cell signal fluctuated. However, The audio and video were out of sync from the start and remained so throughout. It was a couple of second off. I’m on the latest release of the DVR, using the adaptive transcoder.

Is there any update on when the new transcoder will get the feature to always transcode (rather than dynamically selecting) so that users in the UK with fireTv 4k stop being forced to use the old transcoder version?

If i select new transcoder at the moment it ignores the transcode selection depending on content being played which then causes further issues in fireTv with poor deinterlacing etc

Please can we have a toggle to always force transcode!

Which fire tv model and firmware bug are you referring to?

Please see here re Erics response:

I understand the transcoder issue, but I would like to know what FireTV device you are using and why you need an always transcode option.

If i dont transcode the video the image quality for the main HD tv channels (1080i) (bbc, itv, channel 4) is horrific and virtually unwatchable.

The hardware deinterlacing does not work and whenever there is fast moving motion the picture breaks up in interlaced lines.

The app also does not switch framerate / resolution so everything is delivered in 1080p even though the non transcoded stream is 1080i

Basically forcing 720p 6mb and using old transcoder fixes all issues and plays back ok at the stuck 1080p with no artefacts (except for audio sync issues occasionally)

Using new transcoder works some times until it decides not to transcode and the all the interlacing issues return.

Regardless of source / transcoder etc, the app never switches from 1080p 60hz (even though 50hz is default here in uk)

Hope that helps

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Which fire tv model are you using?

FireTv 4k stick

(I.e the one that used to crash when playing 1080i)

Now it seems to switch to software (or no) deinterlacing instead of crashing, which is unwatchable for medium to fast motion on screen

Watching something like F1 racing is lots of interlaced lines everywhere and looks terrible

When transcoded at 720p - perfect

@timellert If you still have one of these F1 recordings with lots of interlacing artifacts, could you send the video to [email protected]? I just got a new Fire TV 4k Stick and would like to replicate what you're seeing.

Sure, i dont have any previous recordings but will send over the next one this coming saturday :slight_smile:

I’ll even take Free Practice 1. :smile:

Sadly we only get quali and the main gp on channel 4 here!

I will try recording the football instead tonight to see if that has the same issues and send over tomorrow if it does

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