The other side of the coin

Looks like I finally found a flash drive that works well for me. Now, is there any way to limit the buffer size on the device itself so that not all space is up for grabs to channels? When that buffer is very large and I try to go back there is quite a lag...

What app are you using? What sort of content are you watching? At home or remote?

FireTV, non beta. At home content. I know I could buy a smaller drive to solve the issue, butt finding a drive that is giving me no issues makes me not want to mess with success. I can deal with the lag (I assume it is cleaning up the file).... Others in the house are bringing it up.... So thought I would ask.

When you say “go back” do you mean rewind or go back to the menus? Is this for recordings or live tv?

Sorry, I mean go back to the menu when watching live tv. I notice it more when behind in the timeline (no science to back that though). Especially when the buffer is hours long (ancient aliens This is why I would like to shorten the buffer.....maybe 1-2 hours worth. Without storage, I get about 15-20 mins on internalbfireyv storage, which is way too short.

Am I making sense?

We've just released a fix in the latest beta:

Please let us know if it solves the problem for you.


It does indeed solve the issue, thanks. When will this and hls make it to the non beta status?

Not exactly sure on the timing of the next stable release for Android.

We're still working on making sure the HLS setting doesn't have any adverse impacts and that we can properly describe what the setting means before that gets rolled out widely.

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