TiVo Stream 4K & Button Mapper for Remote

It's MAJOR.MINOR and it works like that with a keyboard attached - i.e. entering major.minor then enter. On both Fire 4k and Tivo.

I'm still guessing the input delay from button mapper might be the culprit. I did try to "time" it but the lack of input feedback like an OSD from Channels didn't help things and I couldn't get it to work.

What about testing it in a regular input field (like the search field) to see what the input lag is. And perhaps set it up as the first function of a button, rather than a long- or double-press.

These are the only two that the app currently responds to for numeric input. Strange they're not registering.

Channel number input works out of the box with the Tivo stick???

I decided I was going to pass on it based on a few general issues with HDR and audio passthrough, but if this works I may get one for smaller tvs around the house.

Yes it does. However, there is no . key, so inputting OTA channel numbers requires a work around. I haven't heard/attempted whether remapping something to KEYCODE_PERIOD works, or if the time out cuts in.

I also read on the SD forums that on the TS4K for inputting OTA channel numbers, if you input 2, the HDHomeRun app will tune to 2.1, so you may want to give it a try.

BTW if anyone wants to experiment try KEYCODE_P or KEYCODE_WINDOW in the player.

KEYCODE_P triggers PIP; tapping it again does nothing
KEYCODE_WINDOW trigger PIP too; tapping it again brings the PIP to the center of the screen and you can select "fullscreen" or "close pip"
minor bug: when triggering PIP a second time, the overlay is not in the bottom right corner, but center left
otherwise works great, little flickering during transitions
didn't know that PIP existed :slight_smile:

@tmm1 Can we get a sticky post for the Tivo Stream working buttons? This seems to the the first device that has a remote designed for Live TV, and while I don't mind reading through all the post to figure out what works, I think it would be great for other users to know the pros and cons of the device (along with any updates by channels or Tivo that enable button features).

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All the buttons work natively in the Channels app, except: Live, Guide, TiVo

The Guide and TiVo buttons can be remapped with the Button Mapper app.

The Live and Netflix buttons cannot be remapped with the Button Mapper app. (See https://www.tivocommunity.com/community/index.php?threads/heres-how-to-de-tivo-your-stream-speed-it-up.577435/#post-12049178).

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Currently, the Info button (KEYCODE_INFO) has no effect within Channels. Are there plans to have this button function as Menu or similar? (I've noticed that assigning the Info button to Menu doesn't do anything; but long-pressing Select from the Guide and On Now screens seems to function the same as Menu on FireTV devices.)

You can try KEYCODE_TV_MEDIA_CONTEXT_MENU. I will make KEYCODE_INFO work natively in the next beta build.

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New beta (5.26.2358) has been uploaded:

  • number entry in the video player will show visual feedback
  • entering 3 will translate to 3.1 for OTA
  • channel logo/number/name will appear when using ch+/ch- (or API) to change channels
  • info button works the same as menu button on other remotes
  • new "Channels Button Detector" option in the Accessibility settings will make the Live, TiVo and Guide buttons work with Channels app (stream app has to be disabled first)

Awesome! You even got Live to start up a live stream, or act as Previous to flip between the last viewed channel. (Extra kudos because Button Mapper couldn't read that scancode.)

The visual display when entering a channel number or using Ch+/- is quite nice, too.


How do I update to the new beta version? I am running 5.15.2042. When I go to settings, update channels DVR Beta I get "You are running the latest Channels DVR Beta"


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I've found the beta unable to update itself, even with it being given permissions to install apps. You need to uninstall the beta version first, then select the option to install the beta from the stable version from the Play store (from the Player tab of the app's Settings section).

I'm loving the new features. Thanks for the update.

I now wish Google Assistant change channels and turn on Subtitles with voice commands for a true Channels DVR experience.


Requesting new feature to keep current channel playing in a minimized window on top right or bottom right when guide button is pressed. This will be a nice addition.

You can use ButtonMapper with KEYCODE_WINDOW as mentioned earlier.