Turn off stack duplicates

Is there a way to turn off stack duplicates and see every TVE source for "said" channel?

I have multiple TVE sources linked but similar channels are stacking even though I do not have this option "checked" on the DVR Server.

Additionally, I see this is an option on the client side but no option for "disable", only to select by Number or Program Name.

Is it possible to see all source channels regardless of duplication or not?

My issue is FOX, FOX on one TVE streams as "Having Difficulties" but the other TVE source streams the program.

I have the recorder priority set but I would like to see all of "Said" channel in the guide and click and view/record accordingly.

Sorry this is long winded. Thanks!

Logs have been submitted as 1cd296e5-2641-43c6-845b-51ba00c6753b

I, too, would like this, would help with troubleshooting and various other scenarios where I want to manually target a channel via a specific TVE source. As of now it still feels a bit like stabbing in the dark.

How are you testing FOX playback from different TVE sources? What makes you think they are providing different streams?

The TVE login provider you specify is purely used to authenticate if you have access or not. Once that authentication is done, the actual TVE stream itself is always coming from the same source, regardless of the TVE login provider.

Hey eric,

If the guide would work for me on the Server page when I switch TVE sources I would try to test it through channels.

When I go to FOX directly and login with Spectrum TVE I get an "Experiencing difficulties" video that plays the duration of the program.

When I login with DirecTV low and behold the football game plays for me.

I do not know why this is but it would be nice to have options in Channels?

It seems like Channels can not detect the "Experiencing Difficulties" video, so it just records for the full 3 hours rather than trying another source.

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What website are you using to watch it via DirecTV? What is the callsign and channel number?

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Fixed in the latest prerelease.

At the Fox website, is it showing the same local station call sign for both Spectrum and DirecTV logins?

Also, what is the website URL you are talking about when you say "When I go to FOX directly"

This issue has been discussed on a couple threads for months.

It was using the Spectrum IOS app vs DirectTV IOS app. I will try to replicate the result today and provide information/screenshots. I will also try using the FOX IOS app and log in to both and see if there is any difference. It has only happened to me during both Colorado College Football games last Saturday and again this Saturday. Maybe GEO specific black out restrictions? I am not sure.